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Apocalypse & Her Legion

Apocalypse & Her Legion

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This piece summons Apocalypse, and no I do not mean that with it you can summon Armageddon. Her name is Apocalypse in human tongue - it is the closest thing we have to what her name would truly mean but there is nothing that quite comes close to what it exactly means much less how one might pronounce her real name. That being said, her name, when spoken by any other angel or God himself, is forbidden outside of an official declaration of war. 

Apocalypse is a very ancient and sacred angel of war whose beauty is as unrivaled as her knowledge and wisdom of supernatural warfare. She is the sole commander of God's legion, the single force from whom the Four Horsemen would take orders and the singular act of God that could set fire to all of the Earth's surface and kill all life in an instant. This event is actually part of a prophecy meant to take place sometime in the future - it is not explicitly clear when. She is seen watching over the surface of the Earth as it burns beneath blue flame and she does so ensuring that nothing escapes. There are no visions beyond this period so we are not entirely sure what it means but it could very well mean the complete end of time, the same one that was seen by the children who heard Fatima and the same one in the visions consistently seen by prophets to this day.

However, it is not certain if this is the future or a possibility depending on the choices of men.

The creation of this piece is a convoluted affair and it was not cheap. It was one of the first huge projects taken on by the Hellfire Club, which is ironic given the nature of their society. It's probably why, also, that the creation of this item resulted in one of the lowest moments in the history of their establishment.

In the mid-19th century, there arose an abrupt spike in prophecy reports that mentioned an apocalypse in the near future. During this time, especially within secret societies with access to real prophets under God, many of them thought that the apocalypse was going to happen like... the next day or something obscene like that. It got ugly rather quickly. There was a huge influx of dark magic use, particularly magic and rituals designed to grant immortality or invulnerability - both of which do not come cheap. 

They required first influence over the Four Horsemen, each of which guard vessels of Apocalypse's immortal power - yes, Apocalypse as four different types of immortality, all of which are eternal. She consists of ancient light command, dual immortality, invulnerable immortality and angelic immortality. In other words, she first and foremost an angel (angelic immortality), she is a creature under God whose purpose is specific (ancient light command), she is not entirely pure and does hold persuasion over dark entities who will obey her and cannot bring harm to her (dual immortality) and lastly she is completely invulnerable to any other with the exception of her creator.

The reason the Four Horsemen guard these elements is because their own power is very dependent on it. They act as their own vessels of magic, without which they would be absolutely nothing. Conquest guards her angelic immortality,
War guards her invulnerability, Famine controls her dual alignment and Death controls her command.

The Hellfire club managed to gather, over the rather an extended period of time, elements from all four of the Horsemen. This was just the start of their dark period because in order to bribe said horsemen, each horsemen demanded the souls of a number of sacrifices, including those of children and unborn infants. The gathering of these components alone, between all four riders, dwindled the numbers of the society down to just under 100 at one point. There was very little left for them to give from them and they did almost all get completely wiped out, especially when they attempted to summon Apocalypse with the four immoralities. In fact, they had to do it twice because the first one resulted in Apocalypse slaying all of those that heard her voice upon appearing before them. 

The second time was only a success because the Hellfire club attempted to summon Apocalypse through four virgin women, each of which held one of the four total immortality pieces. Distributed among four bodies, Apocalypse was able to be conjured and pulled into alignment with a vessel of power. Originally, the intention has been to completely acquire all of Apocalypse's power and contain but it didn't quite work that way. Instead, as each of the women died under the strain of housing Apocalypse's presences, a part of Apocalypse was draw into the vessel.

By the end of this ritual, this piece is what came from it.

As said before, this piece will summon the likes of Apocalypse. She will appear before you in spiritual form and she will likely debut with a very powerful aura - you will feel her presence. She will very likely speak to you. It is not common for her to make contact but it is not unheard of either. Her touch will seem cold but it actually isn't. Apocalypse almost always has a very warm aura, one that would make it seem like someone just cranked the air up too high but her magic is what makes it feel cold. It is intense and it will raise goosebumps due to your skin and body being exposed to her magic. 

As, through this piece, she his bound to you in one way or another, she will answer to you easily and communicate with you perfectly. From her, you can inquire the ancient knowledge of Heaven, including Heavenly warfare if that is what you're interested. She has access to a vast amount of things under Heaven due to her rank, including, as mentioned before, God's legion. That being said, while in control of her, you can also gain order over the legion as well but that does not come straight away. It comes after a period of time, after you have bonded with Apocalypse. She must accept you as her counterpart.

Keep in mind that she will inevitably do so - accept you as her counterpart - but her allegience is first and foremost to God, which is why it takes time for her to stray away from that and grant you the exclusive and unique ability to control her. She answers you regardless - she is immediately an open book - but her power, magic, her legion are things that come after multiple sessions of interaction. You can also pull miracles from her, which she naturally generates due to being an angel and you can use them freely as you desire.

She will not harm you - she cannot - so don't be afraid to interact with her. Either way, it is very worth it in the end.

Trust me, Athena doesn't have crap on Apocalypse.

Please know that Apocalypse doesn’t stay in any vessel at all but comes when called. She can’t do anything that God wouldn’t want. This means no killing for you! This does change as we get closer to being in the throw of end times. An example is if you were being attacked, you, your family or just because of what you believe. If what you believe was going to get you killed, it won’t know. Remember too that amount of death is very high! One third of the entire population and those who survive will likely not be able to hunt or stay where they live. Imagine Germany in total overdrive! To better put it imagine Himmler taking an overdose of steroids! Hitler was a puppet and an already evil and sick one but Himmler, he was the puppet master! And to think today people are marching to kill Jewish people! SMH! Unbelievable! Either way this piece is a pure angel of amazing power and protection. This angel does things, grants miracles and is of pure white light! You only need to ask. 

  • Ring size and Type

    This is sterling silver and a size 7 1/2 the stone I believe Labradite or a polished Sapphire.

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