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Archangel of the Mons

Archangel of the Mons

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For those of you who aren't familiar with the battle of Mons, let me give you a brief history lesson.  It was a battle that took place on August 22 and 23 of 1914.  I was the first major engagement of the British army in WWI.  It was called the Battle of Mons.  Outnumbered with their back to the wall, it seemed like this battle was going to be a clear victory for Germany, but the British stood their ground and fought back.  

According to many accounts, the British were not fighting alone that day.  A supernatural and divine force that has since come to be known as the Angel of Mons.  We got our hands on the diary of one British soldier who described the event in detail.  According to his vantage point, the battle was nearing a point where the British Army had to retreat hard.  

At this point, morale was low among the British troops.  Many of them had died in battle.  They were flanked by the German army and it almost seemed like it was going to be a massacre.  That's when he says the sky opened up and golden chariots descended from Heaven like rain.  Angels wielded fiery swords taking out dozens of German soldiers at a time.  Of course, there is the mainstream story about bowmen from the Battle of Agincourt, but this diary entry only told what this young man saw.  

He recounted how dozens of angels stood in front of the British army disallowing them to get hurt or injured by the German advances.  Their bullets fell dead to the ground.  He said it was like a freeze in time.  He could hear all that was going on, but there was no motion whatsoever.  It was at that point that he was visited by an angel that he describes as the Archangel of Mons.  

By his own account, the angel told him to be brave, laid his hands on top of his head, and the next thing the writer knew he was waking up in a makeshift hospital camp.  He had minor scrapes bruises, writing the only plausible explanation is that the Archangel of Mons possessed and took control of his body that day, allowing him to assist in the battle while keeping him safe.    

At the end of the diary came a sort of secret codex.  The soldier said that he had no idea what it meant, but ever since that day, he would see these codes in his mind.  He wrote them down at the end of his diary entry.  We were able to decode the words.  It was Enochian and what was written was the angelic DNA code to summon the Archangel that inhabited the young writer's body during the battle.  

We were able to use that code to summon this angel into this piece.  This item is bronze and depicts an angel with the words "WWI".  We figured it was an appropriate piece to summon the angel into.  When you own this piece the angel will come under your control.  The angel will do many things for you.  Among the things this angel will do for you is extreme protection.  Your angel will fight for you on the spiritual front and physical front, keeping you safe from danger, evil, darkness, negativity, and enemy advances.  The angel will keep your enemies at bay.  He will destroy any plans that people have against you.  He will take your name from the mouths of the wicked.  

The angel will help you fight your battles.  He will allow you to overcome and to be victorious in achieving the things you want in life.  All you have to do is tell your angel what it is you want to achieve in life and the angel will clear the path for you to achieve assured and decisive victory.  The angel is powerful and there is no chance that you will fail when accessing his power.  This is because he is a battle angel.  

The angel will also allow you to travel to Heaven where he will show you the things you want to see.  This piece will not allow you to look upon the face of God, or visit his throne realm, but it will allow you to visit places like the crystal pyramid, the crystal sphinx, the Ark of the Covenant, and other places of great power that you have only ever heard about!  

One last thing-- this angel will keep you safe and protected when the End of Times is in full swing.  While the rest of the world is embattled in a fight of good versus evil, your angel will shield you and keep you safe.  
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