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Asian Wealth Fish # 1

Asian Wealth Fish # 1

SKU: 5112125


If you are after wealth, then search no more.  This piece will grant you what you've come for!  We actually have two of these pieces.  They were created by the Red and the Green Society in Asia.  For those of you who don't know who those people are, allow me to explain.  The Western World has the Illuminati.  The Eastern/Oriental world has the Red and the Green Society.  It's actually an alliance of two societies that go back even further than this one does.  the point is that they are incredibly powerful.  

Like the Illuminati, the Society holds all sorts of ancient rituals to acquire wealth and magic.  Without wealth, there really isn't much you can do in the world.  That's why they have created these two pieces.  I mean, they've created more than two, but we have been able to get our hands on two of them.  Pay very close attention below, because of the details of these pieces matter.  

There are two-piece and the first one that I will describe is the smaller of the two.  He is antique.  They both are.  He is sterling and enamel.  He brings the extreme wealth of the Red and the Green society.  All you have to do is carry this piece with you in your pocket and the wealth will begin rolling in after you have bonded with your fish.  The price of this fish is $150.00.

Now, the second piece is also a fish.  It is a fully articulated antique.  It is the larger fish of the two.  The price of this fish is $200.00, but it grants DOUBLE the wealth as compared to the other fish.  Make sure you double-check the title so you know, for sure, which one you are purchasing.  The second fish works exactly like the first fish.  Carry around, get double the wealth once your bonding period is over.
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