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Astral Eyes

Astral Eyes

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We call this piece astral eyes.  The magic to make this piece was created by the one and only John Dee.  He created for her majesty the queen when he was her personal metaphysical call boy.  This was, of course, the first Queen Elizabeth, the one who went by the name Elizabeth Tudor.  What most people don't know about her is that she was a completely paranoid wreck.  I mean, after seeing what her father had done to his wives, i would probably be pretty paranoid, as well.  Nonetheless, she was a brave and feckless ruler.  

She commissioned John Dee to make her this magic.  We call it Astral Eye, but I don't know that they had a name for it all.  When you are wearing this piece, it will allow you to leave your body and go to the astral realm.  From that point, you will be able to travel into the mind of any person that you choose so you can see through their eyes.  You will be able to see whatever they are seeing and know what their mind is processing.  This way, you will know exactly what you are up against.  Or, you could just spy on somebody for the heck of it.  

Admittedly, we have used this piece a few times ourselves to go on some quick astral investigations where we had to survey the area we were traveling to before actually going.  It comes in handy.  You must wear this piece for no less than 14 days in order for the ability to bond with your mind.  Then you will simply meditate with it.  You will repeat the name of the person whose eyes you want to see through until your mind leaves its body and it's on its way.  
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