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Astral Touch, Bracelet of Passion

Astral Touch, Bracelet of Passion

SKU: 22521083


We now accept several payment forms for your convenience.  We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.  If you want to PayPal the money, email Deedee and let her know and we will send you an invoice.  You can pay via CashApp and Venmo.  For these two, you will email Deedee and she will send you an invoice.  Finally, we accept Zelle.  Zelle is done through your bank and the limits on Zelle are set by them.  You will send the money using the email address  Before sending money, please email Deedee and let her know what the money is for.  If we receive money and no explanation we are not going to know what it is for and we will assume it is a gift.  

We also accept cash through the mail at your risk.  We are not responsible if the cash is lost or stolen en route to our address.  


We call this piece the Astral Touch, Bracelet of Passion.  That is because this piece allows you to live out your wildest and craziest fantasies in the astral realm.  By fantasies we mean those deep, dark sexual desires that you keep hidden from the world... or maybe you don't... that's you're prerogative.  We are just here to make sure that you get to live out your fantasy before you die.  

This technically is Egyptian magic, but not really because it doesn't reflect any ancient Egyptian magic other than the fact that the Egyptians believed there were many parts to the soul and that this piece allows you to leave your body in the form of something called your Ka, which is your double.

This piece allows you to travel in your Ka form to the astral realm.  You will receive the presence of something called the universal Ka, which is a spirit form that can take the form of any person, living or deceased that you want it to take.  You will then be able to have your way with them.  You will be able to think of any possible scenario or kinky fantasy and live it out with this piece and that is because you are going to a part of the astral realm that is fully customizable.  As long as you can thin it, it can become reality.  

This piece delivers vibrant and sensual sexual energy.  It will allow you to heighten the sensation in all of your erogenous zones so that way you can have literal mind-bending orgasms throughout your whole body.  

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