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Awaken Isis

Awaken Isis

SKU: 32421502

This piece is an antique necklace.

We call this piece Awaken Isis.  We call it that because it literally contains a piece called the Isis Stone.  You can see it when you are looking at the necklace.  This stone is the featured stone.  It is huge and you can literally feel the energy from the stone simply by placing your hands on It.  At least everyone in the office and the people who tested it could.  Maybe if you're not as magically inclined it might take a bit.  

This stone has been taken to the pyramids where it was imparted with some sort of ancient power.  We don't know what this power is called.  What we do know is that the power awakens the presence of Isis and stirs her to report to you.  She is the goddess of magic and the very presence of magic sits at her fingertips.  Her magic is ancient and it was given to her from Horus, who is the original Egyptian master of magic.

Essentially what you are doing when you wear this piece creating a psychic vortex, whereby you are able to communicate with Isis at your leisure.  You can ask her for magic and she will deliver it to you via the vortex that is created.  This includes ancient Egyptian magic, the magic of the pyramids, the magic of the Sphinx, or anything else you can think of that relates to Egyptian magic including the magic of Orion's Belt.   

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