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Balacut's Gift of 50 Suns

Balacut's Gift of 50 Suns

SKU: 5262140
5-26-21This piece is sterling silver and Italian glass.  When the glass was created it was created with a spell that allows the pendant to act as a container that will store the presence of any type of entity  It could be a human soul.  It could be an angel.  Right now there is an extremely powerful Solomonic Djinn in there named Balacut.  Balacut is the leader of a faction of djinn that rules over the 50 Suns.  The 50 Suns are 50 sources of ancient white light magic that were instilled into these Djinn by Solomon himself via a magic that God had given him once he turned from doing dark magic to light.  Long story short, Balacut offers you these 50 powers when you own this piece.  While Balacut will be the one to reveal the 50 Suns to you in their entirety a few of the different forms of magic that you will acquire with the magic that Balacut offers are extreme wealth, granted love, change of destiny, the opening of the third eye, spirit communication, angelic communication, longevity of life, astral travel, seeing the future, divine prophecy, etc.
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