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Becoming A Full Medium

Becoming A Full Medium


These were made by the medium John Edwards, we tweaked them. Please read this listing carefully before making a choice. The one you’re looking at now is the full set. That’s the picture with them laying inside the box. The other picture as you can see has only a few. This listing is for the full set. A full set means you see everything. Everything means the good spirits as well as the bad spirits. This also means you will see other dimensional beings both good and evil. While some may laugh you need to understand that many of these things you will never have known existed. That can scare some people. If it would scare you then you want the other set and not this one. The other set has less but only the good spirits and creatures, entities come through. These will make you a natural medium. I know that natural is an oxymoron in this listing but the way in infuses you is why I say natural. The crystals go to work through energy in your wrist and move through the brain and all your chakras as well. Not only that but you become marked. Marked is a term used by the dead for people who can see them. To use these you will need to wear them on and off for a few weeks, about 5 to 6 before it fully kicks in.

  • Second set

    The second set with less is only seeing the good spirits. With the second set you do get the box and John Edwards picture and info as well.

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