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Becoming the Universe Man

Becoming the Universe Man

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Some might call him God.  Others might call him something else, but it pretty much equates the same thing-- the driving force of the universe, the originator, the creator, etc.  For the intents and purposes of this piece, we call him the universal man.  The thing is that man exists within the universe, but the universe also exists within the man.  That’s because the universe exists within his mind.  He can enter any  part of the universe at any time.  He knows all things of the universe because it was created in his image, within his own mind. 

What we are offering you is something that is extremely, extremely powerful.  It allows you to elevate yourself in such a way that you will live outside of existence, outside of the universe.  It allows you to reprise the role of “the man” and to be able to acquire his mind so hat way you can exist as he does.  As such, you will be able to exist in the entirety of existence at once, because existence will be within your own mind. You will be able to know all magic.  You will be able to know all the knowledge and retain all the wisdom..  You will know each person and entity on a personal basis, because you will have thought them into existence.   

You will be able to think destinies into existence, or realms, or places.  You will be able to defy time and go where you choose to, regardless of where it exists on the continuum.  You will be able to birth the existence of entities simply by thinking of them.  You see, that’s how existence works, everything that has ever happened in existence has been the thought of the Universal Man.  Nothing has happened that he hasn’t created or that he hasn’t sanctioned.  And while there are trillions of trillions of things going on i the universe simultaneous, it is all controlled by him, even if some of it does happen in his subconscious.   

The thing is-- whether you believe in God or you call him the Universal Man, it doesn’t really matter.  I mean, it does for your soul’s sake, but we all exist within his mind and when we “die” we will simply return to his mind, or go to Heaven.  We found this piece in the Cave of Treasures next to a sacrificial dagger that Adam used.  We are not sure how that happened, because this piece isn’t nearly that old, or at least it doesn’t appear to be that old.  We don’t really know.   The piece is an antique by modern standards, but perhaps it was taken to the Cave of Treasure to be stored there?  All we know is what we have and what we have is very powerful.   

This piece is the exact opposite of Jesus.  I don’t mean evil.  I mean Jesus was essentially a living Avatar for God to come to Earth-- or to physically enter His own mind-- and experience what it is like for us to have to live in it.  He must’ve felt really bad and compassionate for us, because he died for all of us-- even the ones that don’t believe in Him.  Anyhow, this piece allows you to exactly the opposite, but becoming an energy source and existing the mind in which we live in order to be able to see the whole of it and experience what it is like to be God, to know a things, to be able to do al magic, to be able to create, to be able to from, etc.  

This piece is sterling silver.  It is an antique and it is a tiny statue of the “the Universal Man” holding the universe within his mind.  Now, you will get to experience it from an outsider’s perspective.

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