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Better than the Bat Phone

Better than the Bat Phone

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On the office table waiting on the calls!

Better than the Bat Phone

This is the phone that was used to hear the aliens and for the president to communicate with them. This piece comes from the White House and the President of the United States has actually used this. The phone still works to communicate with extra-terrestrials and other entities because of the energy placed into it. The aliens gave telepathic ability and it stayed with the phone because they are not like us. This also has a way to scramble code and can still be used to hear things that you shouldn't. You wouldn't believe some of the things you will hear on this phone! 

There MIGHT be a slight delay on shipping because we might use this phone in an upcoming project. If we do, it will only make the phone more interesting to have in your collection. 
For preppers, this will become very useful in certain times.

See the YouTube video:

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