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Bird, Plane, Penis?

Bird, Plane, Penis?

SKU: 21322201

Bird, Plane, Penis?

Well it’s not a bird or a plane so that makes it a penis! This sterling silver movable pendant is for justice in the Vjay! Are you a little loose in the pants? Do you need a huge growth spurt? Are you a woman that needs her man a little more versed in the erotic arts? Do you need it to rise to attention when needed? How about controlling someone else’s flag pole? Wouldn’t that be fun! While you can use this in many ways it sure is a conversation piece. It’s a piece that will get you a piece.

Peace out people, make love not war. While your at it, you will at least enjoy it to its fullest potential! Penis potential!

This is sterling silver, vintage and fully movable to an erect position. To use it, pull the chain, put your pet penis in standing ovation and speak your intent! The odd picture you are looking at is to make it safe for FB!

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