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Bite of the Ouroboros

Bite of the Ouroboros

SKU: 5112106

If Egyptian magic is what you want, then this piece is definitely something that you will want in your collection.  Moreover, this piece is extra powerful because it allows you to assume the identity of any other entity that you choose to know more about, to become, and to assume their powers.  

This piece was originally the piece that belonged to an immortal sorcerer.  This sorcerer is nameless, but he is one of the ancient initiates of illuminated scribes known as the Order of the Ouroboros.  We have written about the order before but from a different perspective.  This piece is a first-person account of somebody who knows more about the ancient entity called the Ouroboros than any other single entity or being that I've ever come in contact with.

Since ancient times certain delegates were chosen to receive what they called the Bite of the Ouroboros  This ritual was almost always deadly, but once in a while an initiate would survive the ritual and they would go on to become great prophets.  The ritual consisted of being sent into the pit of Egyptian cobras, which are extremely deadly snakes.  If the prophet came out of the pit alive, he was considered divine.  If he was lunch, well then the body was disposed of.  

This sorcerer that gave us this piece was a little different.  He was sent into the pit.  It wasn't too long before he was bit by a snake.  He died right on the spot, but in a few hours, he came back to life.  The other initiates of the Order of the Ouroboros assumed that he had been bitten by a cobra and was dead.  In reality, the newly re-born sorcerer and wizard had been bitten by a living manifestation of the Ouroboros.  

Having received the direct bite of the Ouroboros, the sorcerer became a half-breed entity.  Half of the man remained a sorcerer.  He was able to walk upright and have the appearance of a human, while half of his mind had been transformed into that of the Ouroboros.  With this, he received a whole swatch of new powers that he never even knew were possible with the Ouroboros.  

For beginners, he found that we were able to bring people back from the dead.  This usually came in the form of spiritual resurrection, but occassionally he would be able to resurrect people from the dead.  This happened the time that he summoned Khafre for the spirit key to the inner soul of the pyramid.  

The bite of the Ouroboros gave the sorcerer the ability to jump into the life cycle of any entity that has ever existed.  Since the Ouroboros is the master of life cycles, all lifecycles are held within the Ouroboros.  This is his sole reason for existence.  Having received the bite of the Ouroboros, the sorcerer has the ability to visit any lifecycles past or present.  It doesn't matter whose lifecycle it is.  It doesn't matter whether they are dead or alive.  It doesn't matter what type of entity it is.  The sorcerer can impersonate and relive the lifecycle.  

What are the perks of doing this?  To start with the sorcerer then gains all the knowledge and magic of whatever lifecycle he chooses to impersonate.  It doesn't matter whether this is a vampire who has since been burned at the cross or if it is the life of a tiny little old lady who has lived out her days as an obedient Christian.  The sorcerer has the ability to become those entities because the lifecycles live within him.  Through this, he can absorb the energies of the said spirit and their various forms of magic.  

The other thing that the living ouroboros can do is affect the destiny of the living.  He can change the destiny of the living into anything that he wants it to become.  This includes his own should he choose to do that.  He can grant just about any power or ability, because, again, all lifecycles exist within him so he knows.  

The piece that we are offering is one that was made by this sorcerer/prophet/initiate of the Order of the Ouroboros.  He is the Ouroboros living in the flesh.  He created this piece with his innate magical ability.  When you wear this piece you will receive what is called the bite of the Ouroboros.  This will not transform you into half-ouroboros-half-human.  Instead, it will bring the full magic of the Ouroboros, as described above.  

This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire the priceless magic of the Ouroboros.  This includes the ability to become another lifecycle and absorb their magic.  This includes the ability to change the destiny of any lifecycle, including your own if you want to.  You will be able to add things like luxury and riches, love and relationships, fame, etc.

Another aspect of this piece is a full psychic connection.  The Ouroboros will crawl through your body, elevate your existence and connect you to the divine which is another way that this piece will feed you unlimited power and energy with the ability and transform these energies into the powers and abilities that you want to create.  In addition, the piece will allow you to telekinetically connect to the pyramids and the sphinx, allowing you to access the powers of both to manifest the magic you want.

What you will receive is a pair of lapel pins that can also be used as pendants on a chain that you provide.  You see they depict an Ouroboros surrounding a black stock that represent the hidden knowledge that the bite of the Ouroboros provides. 
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