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Books of Shadows, Souls of Witches

Books of Shadows, Souls of Witches

SKU: 972107


This piece is sterling with real stone. It is a vintage piece.

This piece is coming to you right in time ofr spooky season. Or, you know those of you who are into really powerful witchcraft magic. This piece holds the power of 100 Books of Shadows. You are probably scratching your head, thinking to yourself-- "Wait isn't there just one Book of Shadows. The short answer is no.

Originally a Book of Shadows was a book kept by a particular witch. All of the spells and magic that she did during her lifetime were recorded in her Book of Shadows. It was almost like a tell-all diary of her secret deads-- hence, the name the Book of Shadows.

When the witch passed away or chose to ascend into the higher realms, her book of Shadows was then used as a burnt offering to honor her memory. Her magic would then go forth to become part of the universe, for other witches to relearn at some point.

This piece holds the power and knowledge of 100 Books of Shadows. in other words, this piece holds the knowledge of 100 witches' souls. You can use this piece to become part of the vast network of magic that it has created. This piece gives you access to the presence of these souls of witches and they will create magic for you and cast spells on your behalf.

An example of the magic you will receive is wealth, the knowledge of symbology, the magic of ancient incantation, spell casting, energy and magic creation, candle magic, summoning magic, death magic, traveling without being seen, psychic connection magic, etc.

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