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Break Free From Your Flesh Chains

Break Free From Your Flesh Chains

SKU: 22521066

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We are not sure what kind of metal this is.  It is a unique one of a kind pendant and it is heavy, but it's not marked sterling.

There is a duality in man.  It is hidden like the light at the end of the tunnel.  The horrible truth is that most if they are even interested in knowing what is at the end of their tunnel, will spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to get there.  Another horrible truth is that most people are so preoccupied with simply trying to survive that they never even have a chance to stop and think about what the possibilities could be.  We live very shallow and narrow lives.  We get up, we go to work, we rotate around the sun.  It's like the back of a shampoo bottle:  rinse and repeat.  The people at the top want it like this.  They want to create distractions for us.  They want to make it seemingly impossible to reach the top, because they are afraid (and I've told you this many times) of what could happen if we found out the truth.  They are afraid of what we might find out if we actually stumbled upon the greatest kept secret-- the duality of mankind.  

It is important to remember that the Kingdom of God is not up.  Nor, is it down.  Rather, the Kingdom of God is a collective conscious.  It's like iCloud if you want to think of it that way.  We are all individuals that are part of the whole, but we are also the whole.  God is the supreme being-- like a game developer-- who has designed us all to exist in this cloud.  Existing in the cloud delivers us to bliss and divinity, but the thing is that in our human state we are in flesh prisons.  We are held down when we should be able to realize that we are all connected to this endless source of purity and perfection.  We are connected with spiritual umbilical cords to a collective consciousness that makes each of us a potential divine existence that can transcend beyond the veil to realize how we were meant to exist-- in the image of God.  

It has been stated in the Bible, several times in fact, that humanity was created in the image of God.  This is indicative of the fact that we were created by an image and an inspiration of God's mind.  However, it is also indicative of the fact that we were all created like God.  As in, we look like Him.  We function like Him.  We can exist like he exists if only we will embrace our heritage as descendants of God.  However, when Adam and Eve fell from the Garden they kind of screwed that all up for us.  God separated from us due to the fact that the morons had to eat the fruit that was denied to them.  It was all in God's plan to give humans free will to see if he could trust them to abide by his commandments.  Yeah, so we failed that up pretty well.  God slapped us with a Chakra system.  These Chakras allow magic in, but in limited streams, which is why most humans will never experience magic.  

The fact is that if you want to experience divine magic you really have to work at it-- especially if you don't have any special magical pieces helping you.  The ancients had a bunch of Opioids and DMT to help them go on spirit journeys.  They literally entered altered states of consciousness to receive messages and magic from God.  Moses even saw a burning bush.  Noah was given instructions for an Ark.  Solomon was given magic that allowed him to birth djinn.  It's just how that went.  However, as mankind has "progressed" we have fallen away from these ancient practices.  The duality of man has been become buried and we have fallen further and further from our birthright.  We are still born in the image of God, we just don't realize the capacity in which we could exist if we embrace what that actually means.  It means that God exists within us.  It means that all of existence exists within us.  It means that we can access this hidden knowledge and in the process become dual beings-- mortal on the outside and divine on the inside-- so we can manifest these hidden sources of knowledge into our existence like Adam and Eve were able to do before their colossal failure.  

This piece is a piece of sheer duality.  It was created by a Gnostic Wizard who embraces the magic of ancient times.  He created this piece when he traveled back to the times when Adam and Eve still existed in the Garden.  He was able to extract energies from those humans and how they existed in their natural duality.  He was able to perfect this energy so that way it can help humans break free from their flesh bodies.  The pendant is highly symbolic.  On one side you have the man's face.  On the other side, there is a skull.  The man's face represents the human's existence in a state of idiocy where they live and repeat, live and repeat.  On the side of the pendant is a skull.  This skull represents death, but not mortal or even eternal death.  It represents the death of ignorance.  It represents an elevation into your spiritual form where you will be able to drop your physicality and flesh behind you.  This piece will pierce the veil.  Hell, it will destroy the whole thing.  

When the powers of this piece are full-fledged you will be able to leave your body in spiritual form to take whatever form you want to take.  First and foremost you will be able to take the form of God, should you choose.  Forget looking upon his face.  Your face will become his face.  You will share eyes and a mind with him.  You will see what he sees and you will know what he knows.  He knows everything about existence.  Every minute detail will become yours for the knowing.  Every form of magic will be revealed to you.  This piece will over-turn rocks in order to allow you to become all-knowing like the magnificent God who rules in perfect form from Heaven.  You will become his divine doppelganger and you will be able to take on his roles and understand his entire existence.  This is the meaning of the duality of man and embracing our innate divinity.  It has been locked inside of all of us simply due to the fact that we were all created in God's image.  This piece allows you to break free of the chains that bound you to your mortal flesh and allows you to assume your true identity as part of the divine.

Aside from everything that I've told you about becoming the divine, this piece also gives you another ability.  When you receive the knowledge of God and the universe, you will receive the knowledge of all prototypes of existence.  It doesn't matter whether God created these prototypes or if the prototypes were otherwise created.  The knowledge of all entity prototypes will become yours.  Vampires, werewolves, djinn, fairies, elves, dragons, angels, demons, etc. are included.  You are able to leave your flesh and project yourself into the astral realms where you will be able to take any form that you choose.  

It doesn't matter what form you desire to take, the knowledge that is held within this piece will allow you to become what you want to become.  You will receive the knowledge and the magic of whatever that choice might be.  For instance, if you want to become a wish-granting djinn, you will then retain that djinn's power.  Its cellular memory will become your own.  Of course, this is just one example.  The possibilities are open-ended.
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