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Briathos Defeater of Demons

Briathos Defeater of Demons

SKU: 2252105

This is a piece that was hand-crafted by an angel named Briathos.  Briathos is one of the 200 Watchers who fell to Earth.  While in Heaven he was given a special ability to thwart demonic attacks and to completely obliterate the demons that were attacking.  For this reason, and no misdeed of his own, was he sent from Heaven to Earth.  He was sent to protect humankind from demonic attack and this is what he has been doing ever since.  

Usually there are rituals that need to be dne in order to summon an angel of his hierarchy. After all, he was an archangel before he fell.  However, he personally created this piece to serve a direct connection between him and whoever is wearing it.  This will bring the protection of a very powerful angel.  His presence will wrap around you like a shield.  It wil evict evil, danger, chaos, and darkness out of your life.  It will only allow in what is white light, pure, good, and holy.  He will keep you on a path of purity and divine destiny so that you might draw the favor of God.  

This piece can be used during exorcisms to both protect the person doing the exorcism, as well as to draw out and destroy demons.
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