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Brontoscopist, Thana

Brontoscopist, Thana



Brontoscopist, Thana.

The Etruscans were an ancient civilization that existed in what is now modern-day Italy, primarily in the region of Tuscany. The Etruscans are known for their advanced culture, art, and religious beliefs. In Etruscan society, women held significant roles and rights compared to other ancient cultures of the time.

One aspect of Etruscan religious beliefs that is often associated with witches is the concept of "brontoscopic divination." This practice involved observing and interpreting natural phenomena, such as thunder and lightning, to make predictions about the future. Women known as "brontoscopists" played a crucial role in this divination practice, and they were considered to have special connections to the divine and the supernatural.

These brontoscopists were sometimes referred to as "witches" due to their association with the mystical and the unknown. However, it's important to note that the term "witch" in the context of the Etruscans may not have the same negative connotations as it does in more modern contexts. Instead, these women were often respected and revered for their abilities to communicate with the spiritual realm and provide insights into the future.

The Etruscans believed in a complex pantheon of gods and spirits, and their religious practices often involved rituals, sacrifices, and divination to communicate with the divine. Women, including these so-called witches or brontoscopists, played important roles in these religious ceremonies and practices.

Overall, the role of Etruscan witches or brontoscopists in ancient Etruscan society was closely tied to their religious beliefs and practices, and they were considered to have special powers and insights into the supernatural realm.

Thana has full fingers on the divine. This ring places that same natural ability into you. acts kind of like a wand would today. You use only your thoughts. This piece is old, vintage.

Two rings in sterling size 6 blue topaz. Earrings are real Turquoise but not sterling. These are big chunks of Turquoise. Take your pick from the drop down.

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