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Brotherhood of Master Deceivers

Brotherhood of Master Deceivers

SKU: 1042154


This piece is absolutely amazing. It is an original 16th century relic from the Jesuits. More specifically, it comes from a group of people known as the Brotherhood of Master Deceivers. This piece is made out of solid bronze. It is not a replica it is the original. Please read below for more information on the unique and ultra powerful Magic this piece gives you. Only the person who purchases this piece will receive instructions on how to use it which involves both the ring and wax. As you can see, this ring is used to make a wax seal. That's all I will say for now.

This piece digs deeper into a letter that we received regarding the origins of the Bishop's Ring back in May of 2011. According to this letter, the ring could have possibly held its origins in a society known as the Brotherhood of Master Deceivers. Later on, we debunked that theory due, in part, to a letter we received that gave us in-depth information as the actual origins of the ring.

Having said that, we were still curious about this group that calls itself the Brotherhood of Master Deceivers. We have done our research and it has taken years for us to finally get our hands on one of their pieces, but we have finally done it.

The Brotherhood of Master Deceivers is a group of Jesuit priests that plague the Catholic Church like the Black Death. They are imposters and deceivers who fill the roles of titles such as Archbishop, Bishop, and Cardinal. Secretly they have a sinister agenda, which is to usher in the coming of the Black Pope.

To symbolize their operations they use a wax seal that looks like the wolf that is on the Bishop's ring, but there is no correlation. To them, the wolf is the ultimate hunter, the ultimate predatory animal. They are wolves in sheep's clothing that are deceiving the world. They masquerade as people who are supposed to care about their communities, but they don't. They care about three things and only three things-- money, power, and influence. They receive it at the cost of others' souls. They earn these souls they spread misinformation about salvation and that leads otherwise faithful people astray.

Their plan, however, has been working for them. They have acquired massive amounts of power and I'm not just talking about within the church. I'm talking about all over the world. The Brotherhood of Master deceivers owns Fortune 500 companies. They are CEOs and COOs of major corporations. They own banking operations and security detail organizations. They are majority stockholders in large companies, such as pharmaceuticals and technological development.

They call themselves the Brotherhood of Master Deceivers because that is what they are. They exist to deceive the world. They want to control everything. They desire nothing but the best. They want to call the shots. They want to control the wealth. They want to control the governments. They want to control the masses... and they do!

They do this with the magic and power that has been given to them. This is a shadowy type of magic that is only known to them. It allows them to do things like grant themselves the wealth of the world. It allows them to control the minds of the masses. It has allowed them to spread out bolster their global domination efforts. They are advancing at an alarmingly rapid rate. They rival the power of the Illuminati.

Their ultimate goal is to usher in the coming of the Black Pope, who will signal the End of Times. The Black Pope will be the last and he will lead many people astray. He is a false shepherd that will lead his flock to the slaughter at the hands of sinister forces. He will be the Lord of the Jesuits and the Brotherhood of Master Deceivers. He will deliver to the power, magic, and wealth or whatever else they may want. This includes a secret type of dual magic that only thy only the Brotherhood knows about.

To date the Brotherhood of Master deceives has used the magic to hi-jack the world banking system. They use it to control the minds of the masses. They are the ones rigging elections. Their magic is all around us. People follow them, they will do what they are told. When the Black Pope arrives they will be given positions of power and prestige on the Earth.

The piece that we are offering is an initiation piece into the Brotherhood of Master Deceivers. When you wear this piece you will become part of their collective mind. Their secret magic will be revealed to you. You will be let in on the biggest secret source of magic in our lifetime. This is magic that only they know. You will be given this magic. I cannot divulge the secrecy of this magic, but I will tell you that it will be revealed to you through this piece.

You will gain their wealth, their ability of mass mind control, their ability to dictate the future, their ability to control fate. You will be able to see the mystery of the Black Pope, as well as the source of the magic that he has.

This piece is very powerful and puts unlimited magic and power at your fingertips. How you will use this magic is entirely up to you. You can fill the shoes of one of the Brotherhood if you want to, or you can take matters into your own hands and use the magic to create your powers and abilities.

once the secret magic is revealed to you, it is not going to matter what you do with the magic. It is so powerful that nobody can stop you. Well, there's only one piece that would be able to stop and that piece allows you to speak the absolute authority of God. We own that piece, as well.

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