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Celestial Maiden

Celestial Maiden

SKU: 772103


This is one of the more interesting pieces that I've seen for a while.  The piece is an elaborately decorated, antique brush with a spirit that lives inside of it.  This spirit was once the owner of the brush but has since ascended into white light brotherhood after using this brush on a regular basis in order to gain her ascension.  She was a french girl who was as curious as the day is long.  Her name was Mireille DuPont.  Having been born into a regal family there wasn't much that she wanted that she didn't get.  This led her to an obsession with magic.  

She went to an underground shop.  That's what we call the shops where people set up their displays of goods and people can randomly pop in.  They set up meeting places and then they change.  They never stay in one place for too long.  A lot of these underground shops are run by Gypsies, but I've been to some run by vampires before or werewolves.  Once there was one run by a Pixie.  They sell all types of magical relics that you can think of.  Anyway, this is where Mireille got the brush.  

The brush was called the Celestial Maiden, given the fact that inside of the brush was a celestial, feminine being  that was thousands of years old.  It had been summoned into the brush after living in the universe in various different realities throughout the years.  Her magic is incredible and she is pretty capable of granting anything that you ask for.  As for Mireille, she has a very unique request, but we will get to that in just one second.  
When Mireille first got the piece she wasn't really sure how to use it.  We get emails all the time asking how this works or how that works.  The fact of the matter is that when you buy these types of pieces ,they usually don't come with instructions.  That's why when I email people and tell them we are busy, we really are busy trying to figure these pieces out so that way when we get emails we can give you answers, otherwise we'd have to tell you, "I don't know," similar to the way Mireille got her piece to work without any instructions at all.  Imagine that. She must have been a natural.  

Anyway, she figured out that when she brushed her hair with the brush she could feel an energy spark between herself and the entity. Eventually, she figured out that if she brushed her hair with the brush in front of the mirror, the brush actually creates a sound, inaudible to human ears, that called forth the celestial creature that was in the brush.  She could then see the creature in the mirror.  She was able to have full-blown conversations with the Celestial Maiden.

The fact is that Mireille asked the celestial maiden for many things before her final request, but her final request was for ascension into the white light brotherhood.  This request was given to her.  A journal excerpt that came with the piece (you do not get the journal, we are keeping it) explains that during her transformation, she began to hear her heart beating in her ears, like little squirts of life.  She found herself floating through this jelly-like substance with light all around her and when her mind finally burst through it was like a rebirth.  She was surrounded by the white light ascendants in the white light realm.  She was given a full knowledge transformation, including the acquisition of knowledge to match those she now coexisted with.  She recalls it being a very powerful experience.  

As gratitude for her experience and the colossal amount of magic that was given to her, she released the celestial being that was once in the brush and took her place.  Mireille spends some of her time in the piece and most of her time in the white light realms of ascensions with the other ascended masters learning new magic.  However, she always comes when summoned.  She will grant you whatever it is you ask for.  She has the power and the authority to do so.  You will call her in the same manner that she called the celestial maiden before her.  You will simply sit in front of the mirror and brush your hair.  It will create a resonance that will call her forward and she will appear to you.  

Before all of this, however, you must undergo a bonding ritual.  This will be given to whoever purchases the piece .  It's very simple and all you have to do is send an email to ask for it.
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