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Celtic Knots and Cosmic Destinies

Celtic Knots and Cosmic Destinies

SKU: 3921010

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This piece is sterling silver with Celtic Knots that go around the circumference of the ring. 

This piece holds knowledge for the disambiguation of lifecycles, specifically the lifecycle of the person who is using them.  Usually, when we talk about lifecycles we are talking about ancient Egypt and the Ouroboros.  Not this time.  This time we are talking about something completely different.  we're talking about Celtic Druids.

Usually, when we bring up the druids it is because we are offering their vast and expansive network of magic.  Don't worry, this piece still offers that, too.  In fact, it offers plenty of it.  Where this piece differs is that it awakens the magic of your own kind.  

Each person is a lifecycle of their previous forms of existence.  These lifecycles are hidden in our cellular memories.  The magic of the Celtic Knot (unless designed to hold other magic, specifically) represents eternity.  Not only does it represent eternity, but it also represents the way things are intertwined and work together to create what is called cosmic destiny.

All the lifecycles that you have taken since your cosmic birth-- the creation of your original soul-- are linked together.  However, for whatever reason, there is a partition in our minds that doesn't allow these lifecycles to know each other.  Therefore, we cannot see who we really are or what our cosmic destiny is, because we cannot see the bigger picture.  It's like trying to see the whole picture with only one piece of the puzzle.  

The ancient Celtic Druids were experts in developing magic that would dissolve the partitions, allowing you to understand the many lives that you have lived already and how they fit into the grand scheme of your cosmic journey.  it is called the Celtic Knot, which represents the never-ending cycle of life.  This is how the Celtics were able to receive their own magic-- from the Immortals that created the universe.  

As I said before, this piece holds knowledge that will allow for the disambiguation of your lifecycles.  When you wear it the partitions of your mind will begin to fade and the lifecycles that you have lived will be able to come back to you.  You will feel every form of existence you have ever taken.  This includes all the good, but you will also feel other emotions such as grief, heart-ache, anger, etc.  It is a full embodiment and recollection of anything you have ever gone through in any lifecycle that you've ever lived.  

This also means all the magic of the many lives you have walked.  We all have magic built into our DNA.  The chances are that in your previous lifecycles you were able to make contact with that magic.  If you haven't that is okay, too.  Once you can see yourself for who you really are, then the magic will be revealed to you.  

As far as the magic for this piece is concerned, what you get is totally up to your genome.  We cannot control that.  All we can tell you is that this is the magic that was given to you per your Cosmic Destiny.  This is the magic you are destined to manifest and will mean something to you, your life, and your existence as a whole.

As a bonus, this piece will also connect you to an ancient Druid named Seamus.  He is a very powerful druid who has lived many lifecycles.  He has given this piece a direct connection to the sacred Grove of 13 Trees.  From this Grove, you will receive an abundance of energy that will be good for creating the druid magic that you want!
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