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Chalice of Darkness, Chalice of Light

Chalice of Darkness, Chalice of Light

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Preface:. This piece is a sterling silver pendant on a chain.  On the pendant is a picture of ISIS holding two powerful chalices of magic!  

We got this piece through an investigation that we went on.  We did this investigation by channeling ourselves into other people's bodies in order to allow us to remotely travel to Egypt.  We can't travel in person everywhere, you know.  The participants were obviously willing and we have worked with them before.  

This piece comes from a group that is called The House of Lords.  Well, technically it is called something else in Egyptian, but that is what it translates to in English.  You would think that the House of Lords has something to do with some type of royalty from the way it sounds.  Instead, the house of Lords is something else entirely.  

The House of Lords is a group of sorcerers that have descended from the bloodline of Osiris.  As you know, the story goes as such. Osiris was broken into pieces and Isis had to go find all his pieces to put him back together.  She found all the pieces except for his phallus and resurrected Osiris who was reinstated to his throne.  There's more to this story.  We've written about it and actually have listed a piece that goes with it.  Just look it up on the website.  There is also research on the web.

Well, the phallic part of Osiris that was never found was eventually found.  It was used to create a priestly class of sorcerers devoted to Osiris and his magic.  This magic is the magic that was given to Isis when he was murdered by his brother for his position of power.  He never took this power back from Isis, because he was only on Earth for a little while he became the ruler over the Underworld.  

Instead, he allowed Isis to keep his magic.  Rather, it was more like they shared the magic if we are getting technical.  Either way, he gave her two chalices.  One that is called the Chalice of Light.  The other is called the Chalice of Shadows.  Together, these chalices hold magic that flows like a stream of information and knowledge through those who drink out of them.  They can choose to drink from one chalice or the other, the choice is up to them.  

Anyway, the chalices are held by the House of Lords, along with other relics into which the powers of the chalices have been replicated.  This is one of those pieces.  It holds the full presence and knowledge of the CHalice of Light and the Chalice of Shadows.  Combined, the chalices hold the magic of the pyramids, the magic of the Sphinx, the magic of the Ouroboros, the magic of the Ankh, the magic of the Eye of Ra.  

As I'm sure you can imagine the Chalice of Shadows works with dark magic.  The Chalice of Light works with Light Magic.  They can also call upon the presence of any Egyptian deity that you might endeavor to meet.  You can summon them forth just for knowledge, or to acquire magic from them.  The choice is yours.  

Also, this piece obviously doesn't involve any drinking.  You will wear the piece to bond with the powers.  It will be like you've drunk from the chalices, even though you haven't.  The power and magic will flow through you.  Having said that, you can choose to "drink" from either one of the chalices, or both.  This piece is the key to unlimited Egyptian knowledge and magic!
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