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Christ's Essence from an Alternate Dimension

Christ's Essence from an Alternate Dimension

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We have often told you all that there are many alternate realities from the one that we currently live in.  Each time that a choice or decision was made, the possibilities of what the other choice would have brought go onto existing somewhere in another reality that goes on to become something that this reality is not.  

For instance, in an alternate reality, the allies didn't win WWII and a Nazi regime rules the world with metaphysical magic and iron first.  Somewhere in another reality, the United States is a third-world country and the Middle East is the center of socio-economic ties.  We don't live in those worlds so it seems strange to us that things could exist differently, but they do.  

This ring holds the energies of a moment in time that is spoken about in the Bible.  However, instead of what happened in our reality, something different happened.  Remember the time that Jesus was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights?  Satan knew he was in a weak state of mind and so he tempted him.  He took Jesus to the top of a high mountain and told him, "I can give you all that see if you will bow down to me."  We all know that Jesus didn't do it.  However, in an alternate reality, he did.  

We traveled to that alternate reality.  Here's how things panned out.  Jesus had been swayed by the Devil, but the person offering him wealth and land was God.  To re-establish his white light seed and Godhood hood in him.  In that reality, there will be no second coming, because Christ is already the King of Earth.  He has established his rule and His people are with him.  

This piece holds that moment in time from an alternate reality.  It holds the time that God granted Jesus all that he wanted to get him back.  IN this reality, the duality of man is taught, and overcoming the dual nature of sinfulness is called "coming back  to God."  

This piece holds the part where God offers to grant Jesus anything that he wants.  This piece encapsulates that moment in time and offers you the same thing that God was going to grant to Jesus and that is anything that you want.  It could be fame, fortune, wealth, true love, powerful magic, the ability to travel astrally, a full psychic awakening, the granting of miracles, etc.  It can even do things that you wouldn't normally attribute to "divine magic" such as revealing the truths of the pyramids or allowing you to travel to ancient Atlantis.  God knows all and can do all.  Period.  

This is a very powerful piece and should be treated as such.  IT is a vintage sterling silver ring with London Blue Topaz.
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