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Christ's Eternal Elixir of Life

Christ's Eternal Elixir of Life

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This piece is one of the Vatican’s best=kept secrets. It’s a sterling silver bottle. Now, I don’t know how much you know about sterling silver, but usually it is a metal alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This is not to intentionally devalue the silver, but rather to make thet silver more durable for the harsh reality that lies ahead of it in being handled by humans’ everyday lives.

The reason I bring this up is because this botte, the artifact at hand, was created much like any sterling silver piece would have been made, except there are trace amounts of iron in it. Here’s the catch-- it isn’t just any iron. It’s the iron from the nail that was driven into Christ’s wrist as he hung on the cross, suffocating for the sins of humanity.

This bottle, made with traces of iron that contained actual blood and bone fragments of Christ, has become quite the holy relic. That's because it can be used to create a divine elixir that alters your state of consciousness. When using this piece you will fill it with water. It doesn’t matter that the bottle is small. The elixir will do its job, trust me. I’ve used this piece on several occasions myself.

How the elixir is made is by allowing the water to sit in the bottle for no less than 24 hours. You will then drink the elixir and meditate. It’s time to get in touch with your mind. Meditate and allow your mind to drift. This piece will alter your consciousness in such a way that will allow your mind to travel to Heaven. You will exist in a Heavenly body form-- the one that will be yours when you die and crossover.

In this form you will be able to look upon the face of Jesus. You will gaze into His eyes and you will see the entire universe that his father, God, has created. There will be no secret withheld from you and that includes magic, knowledge, wisdom, and/or anything else you wish to know. While you are in this form, you will be able to spiritually morph into any form that you want to become-- any angel, any white light being, etc. You will learn from the form that you take. You will be given the ability to sponge the power and magic that come from these forms. The power and magic that you acquire depends on what forms you choose to take. Then again, when you receive the knowledge of the universe that God has create, you will acquire supreme knowledge of all things, thereby receive the knowledge of magic anyhow.

Finally, this piece gives you ascendant immortality. This is a type of immortality that we have spoken about before. It is a type of immortality that allows you to live out the normal length of your life, only longer. You will still age, like moses or Noah or Methusaleh. Instead of living your normal 70 or 80 years, you will instead live to hundreds of years old like the people in the Bible did. When you are ready to ascend you will simply let God know and angels will come to carry you to Heaven where you will transforms into your new angelic body-- which is the one that we spoke about earlier.

While in human form, this elixir promotes wellness and healing. It will allow you to heal others or a limited basis. It will allow you to create miracles for others on a limited basis. What I mean by limited basis is that it allows you to do minor healing for others. This magic will do a number for those actually using it, but unfortunately it will not allow you to cure cancer, AIDS, etc.

This piece will allow you to receive holy visions of the future and of End of Times. It will allow you to know what will happen as it is happening, except for the day the Lord will return, because it is written in the Bible that no man shall know and we can’t go rewriting scripture here.

This is pretty much the gist of this piece. As I’ve said, this piece is incredibly powerful. It is only for those of you who are ready to take on some serious knowledge. With serious knowledge comes serious responsibility. If you think you can handle that, then this piece will definitely change your life.

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