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CIA Shadow Agents

CIA Shadow Agents

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Do you still think that you’re alone at night when you’re sleeping?  Maybe you are and maybe you’re not.  However, if you wake up at night, or even if you’re getting out of the shower and you catch a glimpse of somebody, there could be somebody there.  If you hear something fall in the middle of the night and you try to convince yourself that it was just the house settling or the wind from an open window blew something over, just know that you might not be alone.  I’m not trying to induce fear or paranoia, but I’m letting you know the facts.  

The United States has been keeping things classified once again, which isn’t so uncommon these days, is it?  This time the answer is hidden right in front of our faces, which is usually where they hide the answers when they really don’t want us to get them.  At the CIA HQ in Langley, VA, there is a mysterious-looking sculpture that sits right outside.  It Looks like something from a sci-fi novel and is covered with something like 1,800 characters that have been uniquely arranged to create a code.  It’s been there for 25 years and it affectionately goes by the name Kryptos.  

Three of the first four messages written on Kryptos have been deciphered and are strange enough.  We will be doing a feature on these as well, as soon as we’ve had some more time to work with them.  The first of these three passages reads,

“BETWEEN SUBTLE SHADING AND THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT LIES THE NUANCE OF IQLUSION,” where Iqlusion is an illusion, purposely spelled incorrectly.  

The second of these two leads to a point that is approximately 174 feet Southeast of the sculpture.  We are guessing that there is some type of dimensional re-entry point there because otherwise, the coordinates don’t really lead you to anywhere important.  As I said, we are working on the other three, but I'll let you be the judge when you read it.  The second passage reads, IT WAS TOTALLY INVISIBLE HOWS THAT POSSIBLE? THEY USED THE EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD X THE INFORMATION WAS GATHERED AND TRANSMITTED UNDERGROUND TO AN UNKNOWN LOCATION X DOES LANGLEY KNOW ABOUT THIS? THEY SHOULD IT'S BURIED OUT THERE SOMEWHERE X WHO KNOWS THE EXACT LOCATION? ONLY WW THIS WAS HIS LAST MESSAGE X THIRTY-EIGHT DEGREES FIFTY-SEVEN MINUTES SIX POINT FIVE SECONDS NORTH SEVENTY-SEVEN DEGREES EIGHT MINUTES FORTY-FOUR SECONDS WEST X LAYER TWO.”

Finally, the third of the four messages that have been solved already is a paraphrased quotation of Howard Carter’s account of the opening Tutankhamon’s tomb of November 26, 1922.  It seems pretty esoteric in nature and has some type of relationship to King Tut and-- again-- some type of dimensional rift that can be opened.  It reads, “SLOWLY DESPERATELY SLOWLY THE REMAINS OF PASSAGE DEBRIS THAT ENCUMBERED THE LOWER PART OF THE DOORWAY WAS REMOVED WITH TREMBLING HANDS I MADE A TINY BREACH IN THE UPPER LEFT-HAND CORNER AND THEN WIDENING THE HOLE A LITTLE I INSERTED THE CANDLE AND PEERED IN THE HOT AIR ESCAPING FROM THE CHAMBER CAUSED THE FLAME TO FLICKER BUT PRESENTLY DETAILS OF THE ROOM WITHIN EMERGED FROM THE MIST X CAN YOU SEE ANYTHING Q?

So here’s the scoop with the last passage.  The thing is I can't really type out what it means, because the artist really threw everyone for a loop.  The passage does not translate and cannot be solved in English.  Rather, it’s some archaic Etruscan language.  What I can tell you is that the fourth message holds secrets that allow you to become invisible.  It’s not so much invisibility as it is being absorbed into dark matter and being able to travel through the shadows and not be seen.  

So what does this have to do with the CIA and, more importantly, you?  We’ve told you for years now that the CIA has been doing some pretty serious mind-control experiments, even rolling out campaigns to test the minds of its own citizens.  They have created a division of fully remotely controlled agents that they call Shadow Agents.  They can literally move through dark matter and appear and reappear in places in seconds. They are the final evolution of what was trying to be performed by the Philly Experiment, only on a personal level.  They are drones made of human flesh that is controlled by CIA members at a command center that is situated either somewhere in Langley, VA, or perhaps the real HQ for the CIA, wherever that may be.  

The threat here is not so much bodily injury.  In most cases that is the M.O. with the shadow agents.  Remember, I told you the Shadow Agents are fully mind controlled and they have the ability to pass that lovely mind thing onto the people they encounter.  The shadow agents are more or less used to travel around the world and disseminate energies that will allow the government to more effectively and easily control your mind.  They will show up to your house and watch you and listen to what you say, so they know who they need to work on and who is already following their brainwashing campaigns and such  They are mind spies that have the ability to fully take over your mind and control you should the agent that is controlling them feel like you are too much of a threat to “national security.”  

They also travel around the world-- not just the US-- watching people, watching groups, watching governments, looking for supernatural powers and abilities.  They have quite the collection.  Not to scare you, but every so often when they find a homebody that looks interesting to them, they do take prisoners.  I’m just telling you the truth.  Again, I’m not trying to scare you, but if I knew this information and didn’t help spread it, what kind of person would I be?  

So here’s the thing.  We have a friend at the CIA and he got us this piece.  He is the one who told us what the fourth message says because he knows.  They all know.  Now we know and now you know.  Anyway, he gave us this piece.  This piece is a shield from the onslaught of the Shadow Agents. Not only does it allow you to be safe from their mind invasion, but it also gives you their abilities.   

With this piece you will be able to move through dark matter to travel anywhere you want to go using dark matter. At first, this will be spiritually, but after you perfect it, you will be able to travel physically as the Shadow Agents.  It brings you all types of psychological powers and abilities such as the ability to control minds, the ability to enter people’s dreams, harvest the bodily energies of others to make your own magic, change the thoughts that other people have, reflect your own mind within the mind of others, mental fusion, mental confusions, I mean the list goes on and on. 

This piece will also act as a shield, as previously mentioned, but more importantly, it will allow you to see people who are also shadowing traveling, so they cannot creep up on you.  This is a very lucrative one-of-a-kind piece that you don’t want to miss out on.  I promise you.  

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