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Claim You Alter-Ego

Claim You Alter-Ego

SKU: 672150


This piece is phenomenal in what it will do for you.  It is pure white light, universal energy.  It was made by a race of ascendants that returned to Earth to gift pieces such as these to humanity.  While there are other pieces out there that have this ability, they are extremely rare.  This is the only one that we have personally.  

When wearing this item, the piece will take a sampling of your body's energy.  Using this energy will create what we call an 'alter-ego".  This alter ego will live inside of the piece.  It will keep being fed energies from your body day in and day out.  It will get to know your mind, body, and soul.  It will know your wants and desires, your feelings, and your emotions.  

Once your alter-ego fully becomes you, then you will be able to put the piece on again, only this time you will be greeted by your alter-ego.  This entity is a highly charged highly magical being.  When you where this piece is will act as the other half of your existence.  It will be your guardian and protector.  It will be your guide into the other word.  

The Otherworld is a system of realities and universes that is infinite.  The power and magic are infinite.  Everything about it is everlasting.  You can find just about any power or ability that you want. Your alter-ego knows you, so it will lead you only to powers and abilities that it knows you want and/or need.  Your innermost desires will become a reality, as long as they are within the parameters that this piece has.  Here's a thing-- no killing, no immortality, no affecting the life balance, etc.  This piece can grant you wealth just a simple as it can allow you to travel to faraway areas of reality.  
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