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Cleopatra's Pearl

Cleopatra's Pearl

SKU: 9122103


This is a sterling silver ring with both yellow and clear stones.

In the world of beauty there are none less beautiful than Cleopatra-- or so the story goes. Personally, from the pcitures that I've seen I'd have to say she was rather ugly. However, that's not what we are here to discuss. Cleopatra was evidently the standard of beauty back then.

Her beauty was ascertained from a collection of magical pearls that supposedly acquired from the Indian Ocean. These pearls were said to gifts from poseidon to his daughters, but the were later found by expeditionists that were unded by Cleopatra after she heard of the magical pearls that came from the Indian Ocean.

That brings me to my second point Cleo was also famous for her magic. Maybe it was a little less subtle than her suppposed beauty, but if you do some research you will see that she was no stranger to magic. Having said that, the pearls that she collected ended up being enchanted as she had presumed.

As the magic from these pearls had to be consumed,she disintegrated them with vinegar in a magic chalice. in doing so she made and elixer. This elixer was the epitome of magic. When consumed the eleixir caused a fit of madness and during this fit the person consuming the elixir would be given advanced enlightenment. This enlightenment also physiological and metaphysically changed the body.

I'm not calling this a transformation, because that's not what it is. However, the potion called the Pearls of Cleopatria changes the body. It allows those who drink it to be able to internalize the magic that is aroud then, making it become part of their own bodies and being able to manifest and utilize the magic in they have received.

We were recently at one of th Underground Auctions when we came across a pearl necklace. Deedee was immediately able to make a connection with the pearl and we discovered what it was later. Yes, I was talking singular. Only one of the pearls on the strand was one of Cleopatra's original pearls. We don't think the owner kew that or they probably wouldn't have sold them. Finders, keepers.

We made our own elixir with the pearl that we had and the placed an item in the solution. It turns out that this particular pearl had not only belonged to Cleopatra, but it comes from a batch of pearls that she specifically had marinating in the power and the magic of the pyramids.

When you get this piece you must wear it for 21 days in order or the powers to begin waking up. This piece will not only allow you internalize the magic that is around you and make it your own, but it also gives you knowledge of the ancient pyramids. This is a connection to the capstones. It's a connection to the ancient magif oc the Egyptians. You will receive this knowledge in its entirety. You will be bonded to the pyramids as the ancient Pharaohs were bonded to them.

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