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Collective Consciousness of the 200

Collective Consciousness of the 200

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This piece comes from a place called the Watchers' Altar.  It is a place that we found during an astral journey in the Garden of Eden.  The piece was already there when we found the altar, so we don't really know how old the piece is.  It could be a piece that was created in the Garden of Eden.  It could be a piece that was created on Earth.  It could be a piece that was created half across the galaxy.  You have to understand that, like Heaven, the Garden of Eden is also a multi-dimensional place.  It has veils of consciousness that allow you to experience the Garden in different forms of existence.  In other words, the Garden has levels like Heaven does, but more than seven.  Through the Garden, you will find various "hotspots" of magic, including millions of angels who God has created and rehabitated here until the final war of the End Times.  

This piece is highly powerful because it opens a spiritual pathway to a collective consciousness.  This is the collective consciousness of the universe.  Rather, this is a collective conscious that belongs to a different group of beings.  You have probably heard of them before because we have had items dedicated to them before.  However, this is the most intimate connection that we have ever sold in regards to this group of entities, who are known as the Watchers.  

In the Bible, they are referred to as "the Watchers, the Holy Ones."  They are a group of 200 Archangels that fell to Earth in ancient times.  Accounts are ambiguous with some saying that God sent the angels to Earth to watch over humanity and others saying that they fell from grace because they didn't want it anymore.  We have always gone with the second explanation, but following this piece, it doesn't really make much of a difference anyway.  It offers the watchers in their current form.  

As the story goes the 200 Watchers took mortal women for wives and gave birth to Nephilim, which didn't sit well with God.  He sent Uriel to warn Noah of the Great Flood to preserve the human race.  Then, he flooded the world to kill off the Nephilim.  In all actuality, some survived somehow.  That's not the point.  Depending on what version of the story you go by, the original Watchers were chained and hidden in the Valleys of the Earth until Judgement Day.  This is not true.  

The Watchers dispersed after the Great Flood, so it would not be as easy for God to find them.  Before they did that, they created a collective consciousness among themselves.  They did this to preserve their knowledge.  This is the same knowledge that they taught to humanity before the Great Flood, which is another reason why God sent the flood in the first place.  The watchers were handing out enlightenment like it was milk and honey, allowing them to transform into divine entities at rapid rates.  

Of course, these forms of knowledge had come from God himself, because God created the knowledge that was bestowed upon these Watchers, before their fall.  So, at the end of the day, it is rightfully his to give out and not the fallen angels.  They didn't see it that way and they started doling out this knowledge en masse.  secrets of arts, technologies, trade, wealth, and extreme magic were given to humans before the flood.  Of course, this knowledge was all wiped out as a result of the flood.  However, it is preserved in the Watchers' Consciousness.  

This bracelet, wherever it has come from, holds the powers of four very powerful archangels.  They are Araqiel, Seraqiel, Yeqon, and Shamsiel.  They call themselves the Sons of God.  It is they that hold the key the can open up the pathway to enlightenment-- that is the collective conscious of the 200 Watcher.  Each of the Sons of Gold holds 1/4 of the incantation necessary to open the pathway.  The reason their altar is hidden in the Garden of Eden is that Shamsiel used to be the Keeper of Eden before his fall.  

This piece is a union of the four incantations that are held by these four Watchers.  When you wear this piece the energies from your body will activate it.  You will see in the center is the Watcher's Crest, surrounded by branches and a halo.  There are four small figures, which represent the Watchers, and four other pieces to this bracelet that represents their hidden knowledge.  This piece is HEAVY sterling silver with some gold! Now you might say that this doesn't look like anything angelic that you've ever seen.  You're right and that was the point.  This is called hidden magic for a reason.  We just so happened to bring it to the forefront for you.  

When using this piece it will place you into a different state of spiritual awareness.  You will be elevated to a place where you will be able to walk the Pathway of Enlightenment.  The Collective Conscious of the Watchers will be revealed to you, along with all their hidden secrets and magic abilities.  This gives you 200 hidden powers and abilities at a minimum, and even more because some of them have two or three abilities!  Things like white light magic creation, transcendence, traveling to Heaven, calling upon the angels, divine wealth, white light protection, opening white light portals, merging of spirits spiritual manifestation, and even ascendant immortality can be yours when using this piece.  This is a very powerful opportunity that you do not want to pass up!
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