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Combat Magician

Combat Magician

SKU: 6292306


This piece is what we call a Combat Magician. This allows you to become a Combat Magician. A Combat Magician is a person who takes on one or more of the Egyptian Gods or Goddesses. That person blends with them as the magic of the Gods flow through their veins, mind and third eye. This leads to the physical aspects you can actually use in your everyday life, which is extremely powerful. This one is Nephthys and while they are a goddess of death they are also of great healing and resurrection. They practice the Heka magic which is from the oldest God so it’s not all darkness as perceived. This piece also covered the nine aspects of the soul which is part of the blending.

* Khet (physical body)

* Sah (spiritual body)

* Ren (name, identity)

* Ba (personality)

* Ka (vital essence)

* Ib (heart)

* Shut (shadow)

* Sekhem (power, form)

Just because time moves on doesn’t mean that things stop existing. In fact they just get stronger with age and more potent as modern times come and people forget real supernatural magic.

What is being offered here is the oldest and most powerful Egyptian magic. There is the use of Heka along with Nephthys. The blending begins immediately when you wear this charged antique amulet. This is the beginning of you becoming a Combat Magician. This type of magician is extremely powerful and highly unlikely to be beatable. This includes the knowledge of immortality, shifting, shielding, healing, combat, war, resurrection and everything in between. This brings to you the wealth of kings, the respect of the oldest high kingdom. People don’t need to know about it but they will feel it. This will also include hypnosis, the creation of portals you may open and the creation of creation.

This is sterling silver, antique and both a pin and pendant.

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