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Congratulations Brother.  Now You Can See!

Congratulations Brother. Now You Can See!

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This piece is a top-level Masonic item.  Read below to find out all that it offers!

They think they cracked the code, but they have not.  They that they have decoded the text.  They might have decoded the text the way they wanted to decode the text, but what they don't realize is that there are many different forms of the ritual that they discovered.  The one they came upon was a charade.  It was a joke written by more elevated Freemasons.  They wrote this ritual in case they were ever captured by the state and tried for crimes of religion.  If what they were doing was mere symbology they might be spared death.  Anything else would be considered an apostate, or worse, conspiracy with Satan himself.  

We offer this piece as a testament that the Freemason rituals of the old times are no joke.  While the tablet that was found goes on about how the initiate is shown a blank paper, is given glasses after a few hairs of his eyelashes are plucked, and then is given a handwritten page to read from.  Of course, he sees the text this time.  The plucking of his eyebrows symbolizes the transformation of his eyes.  

However, the real ritual, at least one of them goes like this.  The initiate sits in a chair.  He is tied down to the chair simply because the next part is strenuous.  The cadaver of a deceased member of the Freemasonic society is brought out.  The body has something called the living eye.  The living eye has been passed down to the forefathers of the Freemasons from the very first enlightened father.  

The eye is scooped out of the cadaver's eye.  The right eye of the living initiate is also scooped out.  Now you understand why they tied him down.  They replace the initiate's eye with the living eye.  A healing ritual ensues and in a few minutes, the living eye is perfectly healed and is working in the body of the new initiate.  This eye holds the power of the Eye of God.  When you see through this eye, you see Heaven.  The people present for initiation call out, "Congratulations, Brother.  Now you can see."  You see the throne of God.  You will see all the things that are spoken about in the Bible.  You will be given divine wisdom and an attachment to the Divine.  Your inner divinity will manifest and you will exist as God on Earth.  This is exactly what initiates experience.  

With this ring, you will also experience the ritual.  The energies of the ritual have been placed in this piece, so the piece will allow you experience the same things, without getting your eye scooped out, which is a huge plus.  You will be given a 360th degree Masonic awakening through which you will be able to see all of Heaven, all the powers it has to offer, all the hidden magic and secrets, and everything else.  You will be able to absorb the magic you find into your soul and it will become part of you.  Again, you'll be able to see through the eye of God, to see the magic in the universe where it lives, but to also create your own with the unlimited and unprecedented knowledge that will be revealed to you with your new divine.
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