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Cosmic Progression, Ancients of the Orient

Cosmic Progression, Ancients of the Orient

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This piece holds alien technology that was presented to a group of wizards that calls themselves the Ancient of the Orient.  They've been around since the beginning of time, first existing as energies that balanced the Yin and Yang of Earth.  They have since evolved to take mortal form and for some reason or another stay on Earth.  They are ancient prophets of the Orient and deliver their magic.  However, this time it was different.

The Ancient of Orient were greeted by extraterrestrial visitors who were entire lifecycles older than they were.  The aliens were peaceful and said something about humanity was next in line to achieve what they called the Cosmic Progression, but that it would take a few thousand years.  As a result, they left the Ancients of the Orient with several powers that can help mankind progress.  

I'm not sure why the Ancients of the Orient were chosen, but it probably has something to do with the fact that they are neither light nor dark in existence.  As I said, they are harmonious beings that believe in the balance of all things.  So, they were probably more qualified to have these powers than say a being that was only white light or a being that was dark.  This is speculation though.  

Anyway, the piece that was provided then is the one that you see here.  This piece provides several powers and abilities that will help you along the path known as the Cosmic Progression.  The powers are listed below.  

-Quantum Leaping-- this is how the ETs arrive here in the first place and it allows you to project your astral imprint onto the astral and travel to wherever you'd like.  

-Cosmic Energy Absorption-- This will open the cells in your body up for the absorption of Cosmic.  This energy can promote increased intelligence, psychic advancement, and the creation of magic.  

-Energy Fusions-- This allows you to complete the fusion of multiple types of magic to create new forms of magic.  For example, you could use this piece to fuse ancient Egyptian Magic and Greek Mystery Magic or modern spell casting magic.  

-Quantum Healing-- This allows for spiritual healing through the energies of the universe.  This includes planetary energies, star energies, energies from the Sun, and cosmic energies.  

Quantum Time Dilation-- This allows you to travel freely through time to the places you want to.  This is mostly because outside of human existence time also does not exist.  

Telepathic Manipulation-- This allows you to manipulate your destiny via a telepathic connection to the universe.  You will be able to use those energies to manifest your own destiny.  

Universal Ascent-- This is a connection to the whole of the universe that will allow you to understand how the universe moves, the secrets that are hidden by cosmic veils, and how to exist as one with the universe to gain unprecedented knowledge.  

There are more abilities that you inevitably get with this piece.  These are just the ones that we have recorded.
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