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Create Your Own Chakras

Create Your Own Chakras

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Your body was created with a system of what are known as chakras.  Each chakra corresponds to a different part of your body and will attract different abilities to you, psychic or otherwise.  The ancient Yogis of what is now modern-day India were masters of embracing and relinquishing the powers of the chakras.  They have passed down this tradition, although modern-day Yogis are pretty few and far between.  They pretty much keep to themselves.  

This piece was created by an immortal Yogi who has been on Earth since the 1700s.  He has become so fluent in his magic that he has also ascended to become a member of the Ascended Masters and the White Light Brotherhood.  This bracelet has been made with all real stones and each one holds energy.  This energy can create a chakra for you that will bring you power or ability.  26 stones hold energies to become 26 chakras that will bring you abilities.  

Communication with spirits, the ability to hear other people's thoughts, wealth attraction, better communication, overcoming obstacles in your life, spiritual cleansing, astral travel, entity summoning, heightened luck, inner balance, and harmony, being able to see the future, being able to see other people's future, and being able to see the past are all abilities that could be yours when you own this piece.  
Ultimately, what you experience is up to you, though.  You will name your powers and abilities by holding the respective stone in between your thumb and forefinger and calling out the ability you wish it to become.  Then it will become a chakra that will act as a gateway and deliver that power to you.
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