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Crystal Charging

Crystal Charging

SKU: 1016226


This real crystal square charging piece is what’s needed for all your items. You can charge up multiple rings, necklaces and bracelets at one time. This isn’t glass but real cut crystal and holds the properties of crystal. You can use it as I said above or you can place stones or crystals in the bottom and have your items hold those energies too. This will charge up to the amount you decide. To do that you take coins, each coin represents 500 charge. So two coins are 1,000 and so on. The coins are placed next to the crystal but not on it. To get properties of gems and other crystals place the other stones inside the crystal, near the ring holder. I will do a video on this one. It might be easier for you to see. Either way, this the best charger because you control it!

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