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Crystal Heart Blood Caster

Crystal Heart Blood Caster

SKU: 1012111


This piece is a crystal heart necklace. You can't see the video in more detail by visiting YouTube. Use the following web address:

This piece is called the Crystal Heart Blood Caster. It has been made with real crystals from the crystal pyramid. This is not the one in Heaven, but the one that hovers above Earth, out of sight of the human eye. Many cosmological beings use the pyramid as an entry point into our reality. Humans that know of its existence use it as a springboard to launch their astral forms into other dimensions and realities.

The crystal cave is chock full of the magic that people have either left behind or placed there intentionally. It is a magical hub and holds just about any magical power that you can think of. So, it should come as no surprise that the crystal heart that we are offering is extremely powerful.

This crystal heart is called a blood caster because it is activated with a bit of your blood. You literally just need a drop of your own blood to use it-- a smidge! You can use a lancet if you want. You don't need more than that.

Anyway, this piece works one of two ways. You can either cast magic or a spell using this piece or you can materials your own desires. If you are using it to cast a magic or a spell, you will prick your finger, hold your finger up to the crystal heart and then state out loud the spell or magic that you wish to be cast. If you are materializing your desires, then you will state that out loud.

It is important to note that this piece needs to be primed, so you will need to wear it for about two to three weeks before actually using it. This way, it can get familiar with your energies.

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