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Customizable Dimensional Tunnel

Customizable Dimensional Tunnel

SKU: 7262124


This piece is a fully customizable piece.  The power that has gone into making this piece has come from the Sphinx.  This is not necessarily and Egyptian magic, but a magic that is specifically of the Sphinx.  As we have told you many times before the Eye of the Sphinx is the ability to see into any realm that exists.  This is how it is able to pull magic from all corners of the universe and moreover existence as a whole.  

Embedded deep within the Sphinx is a memory of all these realms that it has seen into and pulled energies and magic from.  As such, this has given us access to an unlimited number of realms as they exist in their natural form.  When you purchase this piece we will customize it for you with the energies of any realm of your choosing.  You will be able to use this piece to travel-- in astral form-- to the realm that you have chosen.  You will need to do your research with this one because there are many different realms.  From A’aru to Valhalla, from Eden to Heaven, from Ancient Atlantis to Mount Olympus.  Those are just a very few examples that I can think of off the top of my head.  There are literally millions of realms, so you will need to make sure you are choosing wisely.  

This is a very unique power and ability in a beautiful pin made with sterling silver.  

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