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Cutting the Astral Chord and Awakening of 72 Degrees

Cutting the Astral Chord and Awakening of 72 Degrees

SKU: 5112109

This piece is antique.  It is a cigar cutter buy can also be work as a pendant. 
As soon as you saw this piece I'm sure had some sort of idea about what kind of magic it was going to be.  The piece, which is an antique cigar and cigarette cutter from the 1800s brazenly displays the Freemason symbol.   Automatically, this makes the magic that we are about to offer you pretty exclusive.  As in, the only way you would be able to experience this magic is if you are part of the group.  We're going to assume that you are not.  

We have spoken about rituals such as these before.  They are called Cutting of the Astral Chord.  We have offered several pieces such as this one, but never one that is quite like this before.  You see, we are all earthbound by a spiritual chord that first needs to be cut before we can do any type of serious spiritual or astral exploring.  Yes, we have pieces that allow you to astral travel, but most of those allow you to stay grounded, so the chord is never truly broken.  It's more like being on a really, really, long leash.  

This piece is different.  It is a cigar cutter and a cigar was originally smoked in the ritual.  However, we understand people's health concerns.  Smoking of the cigar is no longer necessary.  You will, however, need to clip it and light it.  If you want to smoke a cigar go ahead.  Just remember, when you smoke a cigar don't inhale the smoke.  It will make you incredibly nauseous.  So, the smoking of the cigar and the smoke was considered a symbol of the underlying powers of this piece.  The underlying powers of the piece follow.  

First and foremost, the cutting of the cigar is the cutting of the astral chord.  This will automatically increase your capabilities and what your body can do.  Aside from allowing you to pursue the rest of the power in this piece, the cutting of your astral chord will allow you to freely travel the astral realms.  There are endless and countless realms to be explored with endless and countless magic.  

Moving on, this piece also holds what is called a 72 Degrees Awakening.  The Freemasons are and have always been about white light and divine power.  A lot of what they do is rooted in Christianity.  Not all of it, but a good bit of it.  This piece is no exception.  I'm sure you've noticed the number 72, which happens to be the number of names of God.  This is no coincidence.  In this particular Awakening, the 72 Degrees that you will experience are the 72 names of God.  You are only able to experience this because you have first cut your astral cord.  

Through this awakening, your spirit will leave your body and will become joined with the Almighty.  You will exist as one and you will be able to receive the 72 Degrees or the 72 Names of God.  These are 72 very, very powerful, and sought-after powers.  We have pieces that will show people the 72 names of God, but the magic in this piece is deep-rooted.  This is an awakening of the 72 Names, meaning that they will become part of you.  They will live with you and you exist as the divine, being able to call upon the power and might of any of the 72 names at any time.
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