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Dark Turned Light, the Miracles of Atta

Dark Turned Light, the Miracles of Atta

SKU: 972114


This piece was created by an angel named Atta. It is an angel that was given life to that way he could see through human eyes. While on Earth, once he was given wisdom he rebelled against God because he was allowed to experience human sin. Sin can be fun for a season, which Atta soon found out. He did eventually make hi way back to the light of God, but he fell in love with a woman who was an atheist. He bargained with God that he would stay on Earth if He would miraculously help her to see the light. God obliged and Atta was wed to his love. She died since then and Im assuming went to Heaven. In order for Atta to return, h must perform 100 miracles. He already performed one by helping his wife see God for who he is and allowing her to wind up in Heaven. Now Atta has 99 more miracles to grant, which he will grant for you, or those who think deserve them.

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