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Daugther of the Night

Daugther of the Night

SKU: 672132

This piece is solid sterling silver.

Sorry, fellas.  This piece is for the ladies.  It is an all sterling-silver piece that holds a power that is as timeless as the entity that once wore it.  Her name was Scilla, which was short for Priscilla.  It was the name that was given to her by her mother, Lilith.  Yes, I'm talking about Lilith.  The one who let the Garden of Eden after she refused to fall at the feet of Adam and serve him.  

Not that Lilith is getting the mother of the year award anytime soon, Scilla prides herself on being one of the firstborn, meaning she has come directly from Lilith's womb.  Of course, there were thousands of those, given the fact that Lilith had raucous affairs with just about any type of entity she could get her hands on-- vampires, werewolves, demons, nightwalkers, djinn, and rumor has it even Satan himself.  

Scilla herself is a cross between a succubus and a green ifrit djinn.  Naturally, she doesn't know who her father is.  Not even Maury Povich himself could find the answer to that, but she doesn't care.  She lives and excels in her powers.  She has many powers that she was born with, innately.  She also has many powers that she has received along the way... more on this in a bit.  

This piece holds her presence and her powers.  She no longer needs it because she has transcended into a higher form of existence.  I'm not exactly what she is called nowadays, but it doesn't matter, because this piece doesn't summon her personally anyway.  It holds her residuals, which are still powerful enough to make whoever wears it a very powerful being-- or person in your case.  

This piece first and foremost emboldens the person who is wearing it.  It gives them the confidence and allure that is needed to strut their stuff on life's runway.  No longer will you live in the shadows and no longer are you going to take anybody's shit.  YOu are going to become the strong, independent woman you've always wanted to be and there is going to be hell pay for anyone who crosses your path.  

This piece is going to give you Scilla's ability of seduction.  You will walk into rooms and drop jaws.  You will have your pick of the litter.  The pheromones you will release will be enough to keep any man-- or woman for that matter-- crawling.  You will have a presence that commands and people will hang on your every word!  This is just the beginning.

Scilla received her mother's innate ability to draw powers from people and other beings through sex.  You will be able to locate the most powerful sorcerers, wizards, magicians, vampires, and other types of entities.  You will be able to tell who they are and what they offer because the piece gives you that type of discernment.  You will then command and conquer as you seduce them and draw them into the sheets.  

You will be able to make this time worthwhile, as this piece provides you with the ability to achieve maximize orgasm potential for both you and your partner.  It is blissful pleasure that will push you into oblivion.  At this moment, when the bodies are both opened up in pure sexual energies, you will be able to draw in the energies and magic from other people's bodies.  They will become your own and you will be able to use them as if they had been your own since birth.  

In this state, you will also be able to open up portals with your mind and travel to other dimensions and planes.  It may seem like the orgasm itself only lasts a short amount of time, but this piece allows you to slow down time and what might seem like seconds will become hours and you will be able to travel at your leisure to explore, investigate, or find new powers.  

Of course, you will also gain a host of powers that Scilla had already acquired at the time of her transcendence.  You will need to connect with the piece psychically through meditation to figure those out.  I know some are very useful, such as self-cloaking, mind control, mind-bending, regeneration, bi-location, and others.  In addition, her green ifrit djinn lineage will open doors of wealth, through which abundance will pour in many different forms?  This way, providing a means to do what you do will never be an issue.  

This is a very powerful piece for a very lucky woman.  Sorry, this will not work for males or for those of you who were assigned male at birth, because Scilla believes in extreme feminine power and enablement.

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