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Davinci, Revealed

Davinci, Revealed

SKU: 8242105


This is an actual Day Vinci piece which is why we decided to go with a DaVinci magic when creating this piece.

In ancient times, when the known world was ruled by the heavy hand of the church, those who dabbled in magic had to be careful. It took but one finger to be pointed at them and they would surely be put to death for being a heretic. We have seen it happen time and time again, even to people who were nothing more than normal mortals.

As such, those who held the magic needed a secret way to convey that magic. Enter Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most decorated artists to ever exist. He was also a Freemason. He also hid magic within his works of art.

For instance, the secret of the Holy Grail is hidden in the Last supper. Divine Enlightenment is hidden in the Vitruvian Man. There are openings to portals and other realms of existence, as well as the ability to conjure metaphysical beings hidden in the Mona Lisa. All of his works have some sort of magical message hidden, only comprehensible to those who have achieve a certain enlightenment.

This piece gives you that enlightenment. You will be able to understand and comprehend the hidden magic of Leonardo Da Vinci when you wear this piece, whether it is the original or a replica.

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