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Deava La, FINALLY!

Deava La, FINALLY!

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Deava La is the Persian form of djinn. This ring is ancient! It goes beyond old and holds two Deava La. One male who is shown and one female. These Deava La have emotions and bond greatly to their human holders. They are way better than your normal djinn of any type and I’m glad I got two of them! I have been looking for ages because of their wealth ability but also the ease of working with them. Djinn as I have always said are a little hard to work with except the God Djinn or the Blue but these are even easier. There is no ritual other than lighting some incense which I will send you. This allows them to come out freely as you wish. The male is named Cyrus and the woman’s is Parvenah. What the major differences are between Deava La and Djinn? The Deava La are EXTREMELY EASY to work with. They have goals of old time wealth with modern capabilities. They have real emotions like humans and do marry and produce children. The life span is until the world totally ends which makes them even better than Djinn. During end times Djinn are called up or down, depending. The Deava La will be here with you, take form if necessary and go full blown protection mode. They will also give you supernatural power to defend yourself. That is the BIG difference! Look them up and yes they are very hard to get. I’m working on making a trade for some more from my guy in Florida, here’s hoping!

  • Pictures

    The Deava La is easy to see but hard to take pictures of. You will see him when you get him.

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