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Deep Atlantean Power Connection

Deep Atlantean Power Connection

SKU: 5112122

This piece is made our real turquoise and crystal from Atlantis!  

We've actually had this piece for a while and I kept forgetting to add it on.  A while back there was a piece that we had that we were testing for astral travel.  We traveled with it and among the places that we were able to travel was Ancient Atlantis.   Specifically, we were able to travel to one of the pyramids.  There were many pyramids, in fact, but this was one of the more powerful ones on the continent.  

This pyramid was not only rife in power, but it was also the home to a very powerful Atlantean princess whose name is Cortazza.  At the time that we experienced here, Cortazza was well over a thousand years old.  She actually studied with the old order Montelunians.  They are an ancient group of a wizards that study the moon and other celestial bodies specifically to harvest the energy of the stars.  

Cortazza had many items that she wore and among them was this piece.  This piece is one that she calls her soul spark.  the reason why she calls it that is becuase this piece is Cortazza's knowledge outside of her own.  This is old and ancient knowledge that she learned while studying with the Montelunian Wizards.  It sparks her soul to create knowledge, which she does for her and her people.  

This piece was willingly given to us, as Cortazza has several of these pieces that spark her soul to create.  This piece has several forms of magic already built-in that Cortazza used while she still owned it.  These include wealth, astral travel, a link to all Atlantean pyramids, and a power creation energy that used ancient Atlantean magic.  

Aside from this, the piece will spark your soul to create.  This means that you will receive energy while you are wearing this piece that is directly from Atlantis.  You can use these energies by manifesting them into the powers and abilities that you want in this reality.  It's really that simple.
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