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Devil's Seed Succubus-- Extremely Powerful!!

Devil's Seed Succubus-- Extremely Powerful!!

SKU: 5262138

This item-- set o earrings-- was once worn by a succubus whose powers rival even those of Lilith.  We all know who Lilith is.  We've told you dozens of times.  However, the succubus that you have not met is Sareli.  In fact, until recently we didn't know that she existed either.  Without getting too much into the history of why Satan was once called upon by a mortal woman who wanted to bear his seed.  She got what she wanted-- a little Hellion who grew so violently in her womb that she died before she even gave birth.  Exploded like a shaken Pepsi on a hot summer day.  

We aren't after him though, we are after the seed that was spilled on the ground during the process.  These little droplets hit the ground and the energy within formed little succubae who scattered like cockroaches after turning on a light.  This was hundreds of years ago, so of course, they have come to fruition by now.  Well, some of them have been hunted and have died.  Others stay to themselves.  Then there is Sareli  She is the kind of entity that likes to make her presence known.  She is loud and boisterous and has a very wild personality.  However, if you are into mind-blowing orgasms then she is the one you are going to want.  

It's a good thing that you are getting Sareli in spiritual form.  when she was in physical form, she'd tempt men with her beauty and sexuality.  They'd fall for her hook, line, and sinker, and she'd lure them into dark and strange places and suck their souls right out of their bodies.  Of course, she could only do that to mortals.  For the immortals it was different.  She would seduce them and sleep with them.  During the sexual intercourse, she would pull powers and energies from their bodies using her vagina.  The tighter she squeezed it around whatever supernatural penis she was having sex with, the more power she would acquire.  Also, this led to better orgasms for those involved, which have been described as some of the best that both mortal and immortal alike have experienced.  

Throughout the years she has gotten her lips (you know, the ones down there) around many magical members.  She has acquired dozens and dozens of powers, sleeping with all sorts of immortal overlords, vampires, incubae, werewolves, and other immortals.  She a harlot for magic, everybody knows it, and she doesn't even care.  In fact, she revels in the fact that she can get what she wants and have fun doing it at the same time.  

This piece holds Sareli in her spiritual form.  She will come to our spirit form.  She will read your mind and become whatever your wildest and craziest fantasy is.  She will leave you breathless and begging for more on the sexual side of things.  ON the nonsexual side of things you can as for powers or abilities and she will deliver them to you through vaginal transference during your sexual experiences.  As if erupting orgasms of pure pleasure weren't enough when they do happen they will erupt with knowledge and magic that will be released to your mind and body allowing you to grow in magic.  
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