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Dick-heads and Death

Dick-heads and Death

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Death Prevention

This piece is very interesting in how it was made. A monk who put himself into death created this piece for a friend. I had it passed to me from a lady named Gloria. Gloria was very sick and I met her in Florida years ago. She dated this guy named Mark. Mark is a dick and a coke head. He tried to kill Lindy when she took his entire coke stash and flushed it down the toilet. I kicked him in his tiny nutsack when he dove under a table one day to bite my crotch. Needless to say the anal knob never did it again. Gloria was a very nice lady trying to hold onto her man. She really loved him but he was using her and I think she knew it but I’m not sure. I tried to tell her in a nice way but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She was an original Florida cracker. Those of you who live in Florida know what I mean by that. Gloria was a genuinely nice lady. I tried to help her with money and being her friend because she was shy and the dick-head controlled her. He would call her stupid and make fun of her. That really pissed me off. I don’t like to see people get attacked when they are good people. Because of this I would torture him every chance I got which was a lot. I worked with him and I managed three clubs. He was in my view all the time. I would take his drugs and trash them, move his little skeezy suits and one time Lindy and I did a full force attack on him. He went to the owners of the company and told them what we did. We laughed at him in front of the company owner. It wasn’t on company time or property and I let them know that. There were two owners and I named them the Wort Hogs. Wort Hog one stunk so bad, his body oozed vodka. The other Wort Hog thought he could run a company I was running with success for years. The two Work Hogs bought the company and I went with it because they didn’t know what they were doing. That entire situation was insane! One lady named Jean the trifling vagina combat zone let the one Wort Hog who stunk do her to move up in the company. Jean the trifling vagina combat zone was also doing the dick-head even though she knew he was with Gloria. She also picked the lice out of the one guy’s daughters head. We called her Turkey Crotch because her crotch really stunk. We know this because she was in my car stinking it up.She was a nasty coke head who had no teeth. She finally got teeth when I signed for them. I had to sign papers showing what she made as I did payroll too. It was strange times!

Back to Gloria being sick. She had something that could kill her along with severe back problems. She knew she would die and was still dealing with the dick-head. What was unusual is this came in the mail to her from someone she didn’t even know. No return address either. The dick-head took it from her and threw it. I didn’t see that but she told me about it. The only thing in the box other than this was to hold it and whisper to it her needs. Gloria didn’t believe it but since it came under such strange circumstances she did it. Gloria wasn’t dying anymore, she got a great job and the dick-head got sent to Texas. He was there a month and we heard he got fired. He headed back to Florida but Gloria didn’t take him back and I’m glad! What Gloria had was some disease but I can’t remember what it was. After the dick- head left another piece arrived which was for money. I will put that on next. She won some kind of money which was a ton!!! I didn’t ask how much but since I was her only friend she gave it to me. I didn’t ask because it’s rude.

Now you may wonder how do I know it was made by some monk? I put both pieces away in storage and just didn’t bother with them for years. I went to pull them out and like what you would see on TV it was as if a genie popped out. It wasn’t but it was the monk. He didn’t understand why it wasn’t in use but I honestly didn’t know if it was a single use piece or did he just allow her to use it? I really only knew what Gloria told me. I’m just glad I have the ability to see and hear spirits no matter what type.

This prevents death and brings you a decent life. Obviously it protects you as well. To use it, you just hold and whisper to it.

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