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Dikaisyne:  Serpent of Justice.

Dikaisyne: Serpent of Justice.

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This will not be a super long write-up because it contains a very simple concept. However, it is extremely, extremely powerful. In fact, out of all the items that we own that can do things like this, this one is the most powerful.

First and foremost, we received this item from a secret society that exists in American. This secret society consists of a bunch of nameless lawyers. They are honest, upstanding individuals who want nothing more than to see justice served. These Lawyers took matters into their own hands and began dabbling in the occult in order to pull some form of magic forth that would grant them the ability to see justice served.

They created this piece by summoning the ancient philosopher Plato, who you all know was a sorcerer as well as a philosopher. In turn, he gave them the ability to summon a serpent that we call Dikaisyne. This serpent's name literally means "morality" or "righteousness". You've heard of the Serpent of Knowledge, but this is the Serpent of Justice.

This piece does work for winning court cases and gaining justice within the legal system. However, it also works for gaining justice in all situations. For example, if somebody is giving you a hard time for no reason, this serpent will take care of it. If somebody has made your life a living nightmare, this serpent will take care of it. It doesn't matter what the context is, if there is somewhere that you have been wronged, the Serpent of Justice with right it for you.

Naturally, Dikaisyne is invisible. However, when you use this piece, the ancient Serpent of Justice will slither from this piece and set fate into motion. This fate will change the course of destiny and assure you that you will receive the justice that you deserve.

Why is this piece so important? Take a look around you. Look at the political climate you find yourself in. One day you are a normal person trying to save people's lives. the next day you are public enemy number one, a supposed murderous villain out to slay anyone who gets in your way.

You need protection. Your justice. This piece has been used by some of the best lawyers in the country. No, they won't tell us who has used it specifically. But we have tested this piece in the very recent past and have used it in a manner that allowed a very high-profile case to gain a verdict that was deserved, rather than the false charges that were pinned on the defendant.

This is sterling silver and appropriately depicts the scales of justice. You cannot see it from the angle in the picture, but the serpent is represented by the band of the ring, with the head of the serpent being right next to where the scales of justice are shown.  Also, the stones are real stones.

As an after thought, this piece will also allow you receive.juatice in all areas of your life.  If somebody has wronged you, cheated you, or has made your life a living nightmare this piece will also enact justice.  Any place where you have been wronged in life, this piece will make it right. 
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