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Disciples of Jude Extreme Vampire Power

Disciples of Jude Extreme Vampire Power

SKU: 392104

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This piece is sterling silver with a deep red stone. 

There isn't a whole lot to be known about this piece other than what it does for you.  We received this piece as the result of testing another piece.  That piece allowed us to travel to a pocket realm, which is where we first discovered the group of sanguine vampires that goes by the name the Disciples of Jude.  These are vampires that were either directly turned by Judas Iscariot himself, or they are second-generation vampires turned by vampires that were turned by Judas.  None are allowed to enter the ranks that are further out than Second Generations.  This allows them to preserve the bloodline and the powers associated with the bloodline.  

We were able to travel among the realm unnoticed thanks to a piece that we have that is specifically for cloaking our existence.  we took this piece from the personal stock of the Disciples of Jude, but honestly, we have no way of knowing how old this piece is.  It is not antique in our realm, but time moves differently in the realm of the disciples, so this piece could be older than its appearance.  One thing for sure is that this piece is extremely powerful.  It was made in a blood fusion ritual during which three of the disciples offered blood to a sacred chalice.  This piece was pulled from the blood.  We only know because we saw them make others while we were there.  

This piece has been triple-infused with sanguine vampire powers.  You will not undergo a sanguine transformation when you wear this piece, but the amount of power that you receive when using this piece will be as if you really had.  All of Judas' original vampiric powers will come to you.  This includes mind-control.  This includes a full psychic opening.  This includes the ability to walk between worlds.  This includes authority over all other lower-level vampiric forms.  This includes the ability to cast vampiric blood spells.  It includes superhuman strength, vitality, virility, agility, and sense.  

Now, I know we offer other pieces that offer these same things, but the fact that this piece was created by a direct bloodline descendant of Judas, and not just one, but three of them, means that this piece is more powerful than most of the other vampire items that we offer.  In fact, it is at least 100x more powerful than anything we've listed in recent memory, except for the Judas Blood Bottle.  That piece completely blows this one and most others out of the water.
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