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Divine Frequencies From the Cathar Cavern of Light

Divine Frequencies From the Cathar Cavern of Light

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This is another powerful piece that is being offered as a Nazi contribution in post-Nazi society. Obviously, the heinous acts they committed were atrocious and we don't condone them. At the same time, their contributions to the metaphysical world have been invaluable, as you will see with this piece.

I will preface this piece by simply saying that Heinrich Himmler was obsessed with the Holy Grail. In fact, he was so obsessed with finding the Holy Grail that he employed one Otto Rahn to investigate. If you aren't familiar with Otto Rahn, you can look him up. Basically, he is a history enthusiast obsessed with the likes of the Holy Grail himself.

Himmler gave Rahn the sum of 1,000 reichsmarks to continue his work. The thing is that there really wasn't much to continue. Rah believed that Holy Grail was a relic that fell from the sky in pre-Christian times. He also believes that it was used to catch the blood of Christ during the Crucifixion. The grail, he said, was then later used to explore the tunnels of the french Cathars that were built underground.

My initial reaction to learning this was that it was totally bogus, but then I began working with this piece. This piece is one that was created using a different, original Nazi piece that was imported from Berlin after WWII. It was an Ehrenring, a special Nazi ring that was gifted by Himmler to his top officials. This one is believed to be his own, or one that was gifted to Otto Rahn. Rahn was obviously not a soldier, but Himmler was so obsessed with Rahn's work that he gave Rahn a ring anyway.

The Ehrenring wasn't like a normal one, it held a double Totenkopf rune. The Totenkopf rune is a symbole of death. Later on, I found out that the reason there were two of them on the original ring was that they had summoned and trapped the soul of a Cathar Knight into the ring. They used this knight for his magic and knowledge, which was the knowledge of the Holy Grail. Now, this is why I said that my opinion of the above story was changed. If the Cathars had nothing to do with the Holy Grail how did this Cathar spirit wind up with such knowledge?

First ad foremost, the presence of that Cathar Knight has now been summoned into this piece. This piece is a Saint George's style cross with real pearl and real cat's eye. It is a beautiful piece, but more importantly, it is a very powerful piece because it holds the spirit of the Cathar Knight.

After working extensively with this piece the Cathar has revealed to me that his knowledge comes from a place that is part of the French Catacombs in Paris. The place is called the Cavern of Light. The Cathar admitted to not knowing exactly where the grail was but explained that it moves around often so that the dark forces of the world that are trying to find it and destroy it won't.

The Cavern of Light was a place where the grail was once held. It gets better, though. The Cavern of Light was not created by the Holy Grail, as one might think. Rather, the cavern was created when the people who built the catacombs inadvertently buried Jesus' skull in one of the grave niches. Hence, the Cathars, who had already navigated the underground tunnel network in France, were able to find the Cavern of Light and use it to house the Holy Grail.

The Cathar told us that he drank from the Holy Grail within the Cavern of light and it was the most transformational process that he had ever been through. He went from a normal mortal who was simply chasing a legend to a fully transcended being that imbued with knowledge and magic o the highest frequency.

Now, this piece won't allow you to drink from the Grail, but it does hold the magic and the energy of the Cavern of Light. When you wear this piece, it will give you a full awakening and transcendence. you will receive full knowledge, with the ability to see through the eyes of God, which is represented by the series of "cat's eye" stones on this piece.

With this full awakening, you will receive the enlightenment and frequencies of the number 72, which reveal the 72 forms that God takes. These are his 72 names and they are 72 different magical powers that are divine, super-powerful, and eternal. They will be revealed to you.

This piece will reveal the frequencies of the number 12, which is the number of divine bloodlines, as well as the number of Christ. This will awaken the Christ Consciousness and allow it to live within your mind. This way, you will always be able to access the knowledge of the Christ Conscious at all ties.

Finally, it will give you the frequencies of the number 3, which will reveal the nature of the Holy Trinity. It will put you on a personal level with the trinity, allow you to summon any of them for magic and revelations when you need them.

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