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Divine Magic of the Ein Sof

Divine Magic of the Ein Sof

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All hail the queen, except for the Jesuits. They can’t stand her. I’m not talking about the Jesuits that are part of that “do-good” movement to show compassion for humankind. I’m talking about the group that has secretly been plotting to run the world since the beginning of Christianity. Since times of old they have preyed upon the minds of the innocent, suggesting that if they don’t go along with what they say, their souls would go to Hell.


At the beginning of their inception, they managed to infiltrate the Catholic Church. That is why we say that the Catholic Church is apostate in many respects. It’s not that we don’t think there are plenty of good Catholics. It’s the ones that secretly run the church and call the shots. The reason I bring this up is that it has been going on since the Middle Age, perhaps even longer than that.


Karl Marx said it best-- “Religion is the opium of the people.” Give the people a reason to believe that their existence has a purpose and they will fall in line and do what they are told. Heaven forbid they die one day and they are punished to an afterlife of eternal suffering after having to first suffer through life on Earth. This is how the Jesuits first gained power.


Through the years the Jesuits eliminated many of their enemies. The Inquisition, Witch Hunts, and the Crusades were vehicles for the Jesuits to expand their powers, once they controlled the ranks of the Catholic Church. In those days the church controlled all aspects of daily life. If you spoke out against the Church, you were found to be a heretic and inevitably would be tortured and killed.


Even those the Jesuits didn’t manage to brainwash with their talk of Hellfire and eternal suffering couldn’t stand up for what they believed in. There was a paranoia that spread through Europe that had neighbors turning on one another because they were so eager to please those who called the shots.


Once they safely solidified their position of power-- over the majority of the known world at the time-- they were free to do as they pleased. They establish the CatholicSecret Archives, which we have told you guys about many times. It was among this secret confine that the Jesuits began implemented secret magic of their own. Of course, they never practiced what they preached. They simply used religions as a terror to make people conform, so they could secretly develop their own magic that would allow them to take over the rest of the world.


It wasn’t long before the Jesuits owned the banking world. Cosimo De Medici established that for them. Along with the establishment of the first banking system in order to control the wealth and money of the world came the establishment of the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati. They were hand-picked by the Jesuits and given the magic they needed to rule.


So, then the Jesuits controlled religions, the controlled the banking and money systems, through the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati they controlled the governments of the world from Europe, east into Asia, and South into Africa. Not to mention they would later lead the rat race to America. America would be taken by the Freemason, although the New World would not be without a Jesuit influence.


During this whole time, the Jesuits continued to make strides in the magic that they perfected at the confine beneath the Vatican. People knew what was going on, but nobody said anything because the Jesuits had grown in power so much that they could single-handedly crush anybody who would rise up to challenge their authority.


In 1534, Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic Church created in-fighting among the 13 bloodlines. The Tudor family establish supreme rule over England. Naturally, the Jesuits were all like, “Wait a second, we’re the ones that gave you power in the first place!” Henry Tudor didn’t give a rip. He did what he did and create a schism between the Royal Monarch and the Church.


Here’s where things got tricky. For their allegiance to the Church, the Jesuits gave the rulers of the world what they called birthright magic. These were relics that were created by the Jesuits and dispersed among the 13 bloodlines to allow them to grow their magic. Well, the English monarchy wasn’t about to give back their birthright magic; and at first, they did not.


Following the death of Henry Tudor, his daughter Mary Tudor took over. Some say that she was a cloned plant of Henry’s daughter-- a demoness that took her from. Bloody Mary, as she would go on to be called, tried her damnedest to reverse the English Reformation that her father had begun. It would be her legacy. Many who had supported her father refused to believe that Mary would be such a staunch advocate for the reversal of his movement, which is why they say she wasn’t his daughter but a demon child that was switched with Mary at birth.


The story kind of checks out, because the birthright magic that was given to the Tudor bloodline’s ancestors was allowed to remain in England. It wasn’t until 1594 during the reign of Good Queen Bess who once again establish the English Reformation that the Jesuits would strike. The reign of Elizabeth I saw court rivalry. This included a foiled assassination attempt during which the birthright magic was stolen by Jesuit operatives and spies, specifically those of Irish descent who was still very much Catholic. After the reign of Elizabeth I, who had no children, James I of Scotland would succeed the throne-- Bloody Mary’s own son. This bloodline is the one that would eventually find its way to the modern-day heirs to the throne.


James I supposedly continued the work of the Church of England, but secretly he had an agreement with the Jesuits who ruled the Catholic Church. The royal family would allow them to secretly preside and govern in exchange for the return of Tudor’s birthright magic. To appease the people they would allow them to think the Church of England had no ties with the Jesuits. However, the royals regularly joined them for blood rituals and other types of rituals that they had developed.


To this day, the Royal family remains in cahoots with the Jesuits. In fact, the English monarchy became arguably the most powerful monarchy to ever exist on Earth and that is because of their birthright magic. This is because the birthright magic of the English Monarchy is the power of the Ein Sof. Allow me to explain just how powerful this is.


The power of the Ein Sof (limitlessness) is simple. It is the driving force of all things. It is the energy that allows existence to exist. In other words, it is the Soul of God. The Ein Sof is the emanator of the ten sefirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life." The sefirot are energetic emanations-- secret forms of magic of the EIn Sof. Ein Sof, the Atik Yomin (Ancient of Days), emanates his energy into the Cosmic Womb called the Ayin. Ayin was all that existed before existence was created. Ein Sof essentially inseminated the Ayin with its energy. This created Yesh (substance/existence/being). This is existence as we experience it today. The first steps of this existence are what our existence is founded upon-- which are the branches of the Tree of LIfe-- the Ten Sefirot. The Ten Sefirot are created with something called the Ohr Ein Sof (endless light)


see below...


    The Ten Sefirot come with their own set of definitions, but moreover, they are ten secret forms of energies that were born of the Ein Sof. They allowed for the creation of humankind. Ein Sof therefore can be thought of as God. He is the limitlessness that inseminated the nothingness with his endless light and intelligence in order to create the Sefirot-- the ten ancient powers that we are born from. If you are thinking this sounds a bit complicated, it can be. Then again, existence is a very complex thing. Essentially, what the English Monarchy controls is the ability to use the Ein Sof energy in order to create the existence of magic. They do this through elaborate rituals simply because that is what has been done since the Jesuits took control of the Catholic Church and would meet in their secret confine.  

    How did we end up with this piece? That's simple. During the reign of Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England, things got a little bit sloppy. You might say not, because the queen does run a tight ship, but then how would we have this piece?. The thing is that she ordered more of the birthright magic to be used to create pieces that she could gift to members of her family. We got this piece from an entity that calls herself Angelique. She claims to be an ethereal being who has come to equalize the presence of magic on Earth. We met her at one of the underground auctions. She has led us to some pieces and at other times she will just drop in to trade pieces with us, which is how we acquired this piece.  

    This piece holds the birthright magic of the English Royal Family, which is also the birthright of one of the Thirteen Illuminati Bloodlines. The English Monarchy descends from them. Tracing it back even further, this magic originated from the Jesuits who used the white light magic entrusted to them by the Church to create forms of magic and magical relics in their establishment of the Catholic Secret Archive. So, to bring it full circle this piece contains the magic of God. You will gain the magic of the Ein Sof and the Ohr Ein Sof. Out of the Ayin, you will be able to create Yesh. This is magic where nothing existed before. This is something where before there was nothing. There are no rituals required. We know the English are all about pomp and circumstance, but we are not. Simply meditating with this item is enough to get the energies flowing. It may take a couple of months to bond sufficiently to the item before you can use it freely during meditation.  

    What can you do with this piece? Well, anything. You can create an unlimited amount of magic. It can be unlimited type of magic. There are no restrictions on this piece. That's the beauty and the power of it. You can use it however you want, to create whatever you want. Ein Sof is essentially the soul of God, which is the magic that is being given to you. You have the magic o God's own soul at your fingertips. Do you think this opportunity is coming along again anytime soon? Yeah, I doubt it.  

    This piece is not only powerful, but it is also a beautiful piece. It is a valuable piece. It is 10k gold with a real blue stone. It is one of the most powerful items I have used in a long time. I tend to think that you will agree. 

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