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Divine Magic of the Immortal Essene Jew

Divine Magic of the Immortal Essene Jew

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The piece that we are offering is an antique pin.  The pin is made out of a real shell and what we believe to be unmarked gold.  Carved onto the shell is a Victorian Cameo of the Christ Child.  This piece was made by a contemporary Essene Magi.  By contemporary, I mean that he is definitely immortal.  He was given this immortality after he was visited by the Christ child when he was just a boy  At that point in his life he was living in the Roman Judea in the desert.  They all did.  By all, I mean the Essenes.  

The Essenes were a sect of Jews that were not as numerous as the Saduccee or the Pharisee sect.  They were numerous enough, though, to be written about by Josephus the Historian.  They were also special enough to have been visited by the Christ Child in what is called the Lost Years.  These Lost Years are what people call the years during which there are no historical records of Jesus Christ.  Most say he was working as a carpenter in Galilee, but there's no record of that either.  Fake news.  

In fact, there has been more evidence that Jesus traveled the world between being born and his ministry at the age of 33.  He visited many places abroad such as Britain, India, Nepal, Egypt, and many other places.  How could he have done this having been born into such a lowly family?  I mean, he's God, so that has to count for something, right?  Jesus traveled the world in search of magical and esoteric knowledge.

Now, I know that some of you will be like, "Oh, that's so apocryphal, you're going to Hell for saying that."  No, I'm not.  It happened because he was given permission to experience other cultures and the false religions.  He was on a sort of magical rumspringa.  If you don't know what that is, you should look it up.  It's an Amish thing where they get to party and decide if they still want to be part of the church.  

Either way, it was a period of time where Jesus traveled and ultimately chose the superiority of God over those who could not offer a fraction of the divinity that God could.  He also knew he'd eventually have to do the whole saving the world thing.  What does this have to do with anything?  During his travels, he visited the Essenes.  

The Essenes held astounding knowledge of white light magic simply because they descend from the Zadokite Priests.  Have you ever heard of the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls?  If you've been with us for a while your answer should definitely be yes!  The Essenes are the Jews who penned them.  Their esoteric knowledge and knowledge of white light magic is unparalleled compared to the Sadduccees and the Pharisees who were little more than show off, haughty socialites.  

When Jesus approached the Essenes he was received by their elders because they knew that he was the one that was sent to deliver the world from evil and to save the human race.  That is often discussed, but it is the truth.  They knew he was not just a messenger sent from God but was actually the Son of God.  They gave him the knowledge that they had, including all the knowledge that was written into their sacred scrolls.  In return, Jesus gave some of their children white supremacy.  

Fast-forward to the present time.  This piece was made by one of the Essenes that was touched by Christ and given immortal life.  This Essene Immortal has traveled the world many times over and has visited just about every single holy site known to man.  He has even visited those that aren't associated with the Abrahamic religions.  As a young child, the magic of the scrolls-- even the portions that were yet recovered-- was ingrained in him.  

Throughout the years the Essene Magi has made several pieces that reflect his ample knowledge of the Dead Sea Scrolls and magic beyond what the scrolls have to offer.  This piece is a prime example of the magic that he has created.  It holds many abilities, which we are about to go over right now.  

This piece allows you to recreate things within your mind so that way you will be able to travel places that are otherwise nearly impossible to go to.  I'm not talking about places in this world.  I"m talking about a place like the Ark of the Covenant, the Garden of Eden, even the Holy of Holies in the Second Temple, which has since been destroyed.  This piece allows you to travel to Heaven.  If for some reason you desire to travel to HEll, it will allow you to travel there too.  

This piece allows you to conjure angels and entities, as well.  Not only will you be allowed to conjure angels for their powers, but also entities such as griffins, unicorns, and other Heaven hosts that God has in Heaven including white light wolves and other white light beasts.  This piece will grant you the wealth of Heaven, which will fall on you like a benediction from God.  This piece will bring you divine prophecy and the arcana of the universe, so you will know what to expect when the times come.  It gives you protection from all evil, will vanquish all evil, and it will give you spiritual cleansing and purification.  It is a very powerful piece.
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