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Divine Matrix and Creation Codes

Divine Matrix and Creation Codes

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Reality is not what it seems to be.  There are so many people nowadays who turn away from the overwhelming evidence and support the convoluted notion that the universe was created by a "big bang."  They say that the entire universe was packed inside of a tiny, microscopic particle.  The universe at this time (but what universe because wasn't it packed inside this infinitely dense particle?) was incredibly hot-- like billions of degrees.  Suddenly, it all cooled down, and like a kernel of popcorn out came the universe-- except that's not really how it happened.  It took some 380,000 years for the dust to settle.  I just have one question for these people-- how do they know?  Seriously.  How do they know this stuff?  

The real answer is that they don't know.  They know nothing.   They can sit around all day long and recite Einstein's relativity theory, but there is no way that they are ever going to convince me that the Big Band theory is correct.  I mean, their answers for where the singularity that causes the big ban came from?  Oh, it just existed.  Yet, when these same people are presented with religion-- of any kind-- they mock and ridicule.  I'm sorry but a higher power "in the sky" that created the universe by intelligent design is much more believable in my book.  Of course, you don't have to take my word for it, because we are offering a piece that will give you resounding proof that everything the scientific community has taught you about how the universe was created.  

If there is one thing that is recurring in the Bible it is number sequences.  Number sequences occur in everything.  Some of them are particularly special number sequences, such as three, seven, twelve, seventy-two, etc.  These are numbers that God has set aside for himself.  We call them divine revelatory numbers.  He has used these numbers to represent divinity, or the lack thereof.  There are 12 disciples, 12 tabernacles in the Zodiac, 3 is the number of the Trinity and the number of wise men, 7 is the number of God and levels of Heaven that exist, days in the week, etc.  The fact is that every number sequence means something.  

Using divine numerology God has created the entire universe.  There is nothing about the universe that has not been coded with his divine numeric code, right down to the very destiny that you live.  Everything is a divine equation.  Every number means something.  It is a highly advanced code of divinity.  The Code creates the reality that we exist along with a type of linear space-time continuum.  And here's where it gets a little crazy because it ties God into actual science.  God created the Space-Time Continuum so He could build a reality around it like a beehive.  

Quantum Physics is nothing more than God's plan for reality.  Quantum Reality is how God allows us to experience reality.  It is different for each of us.  No two people are exactly alike, not even twins.  We are all programmed with our own number sequences that create a holographic universe that we experience.  What we see and how we feel isn't necessarily how somebody else sees or feels.  There is an infinite number of numerical sequences that God can create to customize destinies and life experiences for everyone and that is because there's always room for one more digit.  These codes are very long by now and very complex.  

I know it seems like I'm dragging this out, but I want you to understand the Quantum Reality is nothing more than God's working hands.  Our universe was not created by mistake.  It was created by thermal flares.  It wasn't created by a big bang.  Our universe was created by God, put together intricately through his vast knowledge of creation.  That is what we are offering.  This is a very rare ring and a very type of stone.  It is sterling silver.  It is a very illustrious ring and it is very, very powerful.  

This piece holds millions upon millions of numerical values that can manipulate who you are as a person and what you experience in life.  If can completely rearrange your destiny.  It can grant you access to powers and abilities that God only gives to high-level angels.  It can help you understand the intricacies of life and how God has created everything.  Numbers working together in different sequences manifest different results and that the name of the game.  

Honestly, there is very little that is off the table with this piece.  These sequences come from something called the Ark of Creation.  As you can imagine, this is the place where all the formulations and sequences that were developed by God have been stored.  It took him millions of years to come up with the formulae to create the world, but when you are immortal and eternal a million years is like a day, so he had the time.  

To make this piece work you will simply meditate with it and envision the things you want in your life.  This could be a change of destiny, change in financial status, change in your love life, or anything else you can think of.  If there isn't a number sequence for what you want, it will be created and given to you.  The sequence will be input to your reality by the piece and it will just be a matter of time before you begin experiencing the life you've customized for yourself.  Just so we are clear, this piece also holds the ability to manifest the powers and magical abilities you in your own life!

This piece will also reveal to you those codes that he keeps for himself as "divine."  It will reveal the meaning of those codes.  It will give you divine prophecy that will show you what to expect at the End of Times and beyond.  

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