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Djinn-gle Bells, Djinn-gle Bells, Djinn-gle All the Way!

Djinn-gle Bells, Djinn-gle Bells, Djinn-gle All the Way!

SKU: 11272113


Layaways are now available.  You will need to put 20% down.  You need to pay at least monthly.  You have six months to pay it off.  You need to email to set up your layaway with a link for what you want.  Your item will not be removed until you put your 20% down.  There are NO REFUNDS on layaways.  Know this BEFORE putting it on!  If for some reason you cannot finish paying your layaway, whatever you have paid toward your layaway will be converted to store credit.

All $38.00 pieces from all websites are items that can be replaced. If you are seeing an item, but it is out of stock you can simply email and request a duplicate. Likewise, you may not always be receiving what the picture shows. The piece will always hold the exact same powers, though, so you don't have to worry about that. If emailing for a replacement piece, please be sure to specify what type of jewelry you like and we will try our best to get you that. Again, when you purchase a $38.00 item, you may not always get what you see pictured, but it will always hold the same power. These are Carnival of Caveness, $38.00 items.

This djinn piece makes an excellent gift for someone you really enjoy, or, you know an excellent gift for yourself.  It has been created the powers of Al-Malakut.  Al-Malakut is the realm where djinn lives.  As such, this piece calls forth three djinn.  Each one is represented by a bell.  They are interchangeable and when you use the piece you will simply shake the piece and call forth the djinn that you want by name.  

We have given this piece to testers who say that the djinn are very lively and easy to work with, which is good because some djinn are tricksters by nature.  This is definitely not the case with the djinn that have been placed in this piece.  

Below are the three names you will need in order to call your djinn forth.  Also included is what kind of djinn they are and what they will do for you when you call them forth.  

1.) Shikari-- This is a green ifrit djinn and, as you could have imagined, will bring you great wealth.  This wealth comes in many different forms.  You can use this piece to communicate with Shikari and ask him to grant you the type of wealth that you seek.  

2.) Jandoori-- This djinn is golden ifrit djinn, which is the most powerful kind.  Golden ifrit djinn are masters of classical magic and will grant you the type of magic that you are looking for.  Whether you are looking for a love spell, you want luck to go your way, or you are looking to invoke powers that will awaken your third eye, Jandoori is the one that you want to call.  He is a magical guru and will do his absolute best to help you.  

3.)  Saluchon-- This djinn is a blue ifrit djinn, which is what most people thing of when they picture a djinn in their mind.  They are the most common type, but they are very powerful.  They have the ability to grant wishes.  This one has the ability to grant unlimited wishes because he comes from a very distinct and powerful bloodline.  You will be able to ask for one wish at a time and when that one is granted you will then be able to move on to the next one.  
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