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Djinn of Sauron AKA  Adopt-A-Djinn

Djinn of Sauron AKA Adopt-A-Djinn

SKU: 7262113

This piece is sterling silver with gold inlay and a gorgeous blue stone. 

This piece is unlike anything that we’ve ever offered because it holds a very exclusive type of entity.  Until a few days ago, this type of entity didn’t even exist.  I mean, it obviously existed, but there was no knowledge of it.  For those who have ultimate knowledge pieces or something along those lines, you probably wouldn’t have even come across them.  While this is huge to Earth and Earthen magic, it’s probably just a small blip on the universal radar of magic.  This is why their existence has gone so undetected.  However, with the recent discovery of the “Eye of Sauron” volcano in an underwater “Mordor” in the Indian Ocean, the existence of these beings has been brought to light.  

We don’t know why or how the entities-- a type of hybrid djinn-- ended up in the ancient, collapsed volcano, but it certainly seems as though it was intentional.  When we questioned the entity about it directly, he gave us very ambiguous answers, which simply tells us that he doesn’t trust humans.  Of course, he has his reasons.  In ancient times there was a type of djinn that could take on any form it wanted to.  Some of them took on the form of humans and impregnated women who then gave birth to mortal-djinn hybrids.  Essentially, these were humanoid creatures that were immortal and all-powerful.  They were flesh-and-bone djinn that could only die by fire since their ancestor djinn were born of the flame.  

Long story short, mortals were afraid of them, deemed them unholy and unfit to live, and using their own magic rounded them up like cattle and dumped them into the Volcano, which in those days was on dry ground.  They used magic to collapse the volcano and sink it into the sea, effectively creating the Indian Ocean  I don’t care what history books or science say, the djinn showed me.  To be fair, it really had no choice, because whoever owns this piece is the djinn’s master and the djinn must do whatever they say.  I demanded he shows me, so he did.  I’m not sure how many other djinn like this were found or exist, but I know there were pretty many.  We just got one piece that very quickly was made because the person that we have contact with wanted to make a few pieces before the authorities caught on to what he was doing.  He sent us a piece into which the flesh and bone djinn had been summoned, ironically in spirit form.  We have tested this piece and we conclude that djinn that is in this piece is very powerful.  His name is Tanderon and can be called forth with that name.  In an attempt to make it less awkward for Tanderon, we stopped saying “flesh and bone” djinn and we call him a Djinn of Sauron.  Plus, I mean, it just sounds cooler.  We considered human hybrid djinn, but that sounds pretty lame comparatively speaking.   

This piece holds just Tanderon, but he is enough.  Djinn of Sauron are especially skilled at granting wishing, procuring wealth in all formats, astral projection, psychic development of all types, and locating and opening hidden “doors” through which magic can travel.  You are Tanderon’s master, so he must do what you tell him, but go into this situation open-minded.  Prove to him that not all humans are assholes, as he may be a little hesitant with you at first considering his past experiences.  Think of this opportunity as “Adopt-A-Djinn”-- where you will adopt and very, very powerful djinn.
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