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Djinn of Ultimate Wealth

Djinn of Ultimate Wealth

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When you are filthy rich you have nothing to worry about.  All the bills are paid and you have everything you want.  Your family is taken care of and the least of your ocncerns is where your next meal will be coming from.  Your mind begins to wander.  Then, you do things like create secret societies for wealthy people just like yourself.  You set out to devise a plan to keep your wealth-- and to earn more-- so that way you will never have to go without the wealth that has provided so much for you.  This is how the Society of Wealth Friends was born.  

The Society of Wealth Friends was first founded in London by a wealth financier who shall remain anonymous.  He has to remain anonymous given the fact that we have received this piece on condition of anonymity.  However, I can tell you that if I would be allowed to state his name you would know who I was talking about immeidately.  

He regularly pals around with the hottest celebrities, trust fund babies, socialites, and other very wealth people from all continents of the world.  He has influence and pull in the smallest of communities and the largest of cities.  His holding company extends to various parts of the world.  Trust me when I tell you he wants for nothing.

When you are rich and powerful you have underlings to do all the work for you.  You don't really have to do anything yourself.  When you are part of a society of wealthy friends, you are around more people like you, who have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.  That is how the Society of Wealthy Friends became actively involves in the paranormal underground.  

The mission of the Society of Wealth Friends was quite simple.  They wished to acquire a piece that could grant them vast wealth.  Why they needed even more wealth I'll never understand, but that is what they wanted, so that is what they got.  The society hired a group of investigators to search the world over for the most powerful wealth items.  This is the most powerful one that they have received.  

We have told you in the past that King Solomon was the most wealthy man to have ever lived.  You can fact check that if you want.  He also happened to be one of the most powerful men to live.  He was given the full power of God's white light magic.  This included the ability to create abundance.  What is a universe without abundance and wealth?  This piece was created by the Voice of God using ancient Enochian phraseology.  As such, the piece holds direct commandments from God to bring whoever controls the piece the vast wealth, not just of Earth, but the entire universe.

To act a liaison between the wealth and Solomon, God set the presence of white light wealth djinn into this piece.  To birth this djinn God used the timeless knowledge, power, and energy of the Crystal Pyramid in Heaven.  This is is storehouse for his most powerful white light magic.  When God was creating the universe out of chaos he set apart its abundance so that he could grant it at he see fit.  

God has made a covenant with Israel that he would grant them great abundance if they kept his laws.  To manifest this abundance he chose to grant it to them through their wise leader, King Solomon.  Thus, Solomon was gifted the white light djinn who in turn controls the abundance of the universe.  The djinn granted Solomon the abundance that he desired, which allowed him to become the richest many who has ever lived.  

This was done through special coding and numerology.  Just as the universe has been created with coding and our DNA has coding in it, abundance is also granted by a series of codes.  These codes have also been entrenched in this piece.  They are guarded by the djinn that God created specifically for this piece.  When this piece is worn the energies of these codes are circulated through the body of the person wearing it.  This allows a meshing of the two presences-- both human and djinn to attract the wealth.  I know this all seems like a lot of information, but it all boils down to the fact that who ever owns this piece will receive epic wealth.  

The piece was found by an expedition that set out to find the Solomon Mines.  Instead, their investigation led them to a cache of items that was hidden in Ethiopia where the lost Ark of the COvenant exists.  That's another story for another time, but I will say this much-- these artifacts most likely ended up in Ethippia as a result of King Solomon's illegitimate son birthed by the Queen of Sheba.  When found, the artifact had obviously not been used for a very extended period of time, given the fact that Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries in the world.  Yet, there they were hidden in a secret temple dedicated to Solomon.  

The artifact itself changes form every so often.  We aren't exactly sure why, but the piece came with a very brief description of its changing.  It does it every so many thousands of years.  This is why the piece looks more modern and not ancient.  You will not have to worry about it changing during your lifetime unless, of course, you are an immortal.  This piece will not bring you immortality, it only does wealth.  I'm just saying if you are an immortal this piece will eventually change form and it's good that you know that.  Personally, I think this was to keep thepece from being rediscovered.  Yet, here we are.  

So, the Society of Wealth Friends owned this piece.  It had become a staple of their meetings.  The agreement was that they would take turns with the piece so it could grant them equal amounts of wealth.  Well, you know how that goes.  It fell into the hands of a member from Germany.  She was quite enamored with what the piece could do for her and refused to give it back.  That's how powerful the wealth in the piece can be.  You've gotta keep a level head.  Anyway, the society sent a member of its guard over to collect the piece, at which point she sent the piece away to a secret location.  If she couldn't have it, nobody could.  

We found this piece by means of an underground meet-up.  I don't think the person who was selling it knew exactly what they had.  Or, maybe the seller was an angel who was led by God to make sure we could find a suitable owner for this piece.  Or, maybe the djinn controls the destiny of the piece and who it will serve.  Either way, we have this piece now.  You might be wondering why we this and we haven't decided to keep it for ourselves.  It's simple.  A blood contract was signed in order to acquire the piece.  We can't keep it.  It must be passed on to a suitable owner.  

That hasn't stopped us from having others test the piece on our behalf.  The results have been astounding for them. One of them was astonished with the ease of use this piece requirse.  Since all this piece does is wealth and the entity that is going to grant you this wealth lives within the ring in energy form, all you have to do is wear the piece.  It's that simple.  This piece will bring extreme, extreme wealth of the universe to you, as sanctioned by the Hand of GOd and the wealth djinn he set into this piece.  

This piece is sterling silver.  Ther star of David is on the top in honor of Solomon's Father.  It also has something to do with the sacred code that has been placed in this piece.  Surrounding the Star of David is a crown of jewels.  They are real and they will create a vortex through which the wealth djinn will pull the various wealth energies of the universe.  The djinn will then process and transform those energies into the types of wealth that you desire.  On the sides of the ring in the gold area is the sigil for the djinn.  Its name is Aranaioch (pronounced Air-Uh-Nie-Ock).  

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